Keep calm and follow up!

It has been a while since I have not blogged, however, it was because I was on a spree of purchasing courses via Warrior Plus and going through them to gain more knowledge to bring my online business to new heights. The latest course which I have bought is known as Easy Pi and if you are interested to know what it is, click here for my Easy Pi review and bonus!

Webinars are a great way to learn new things. However, most webinars available online charges you a fee or have something to sell to you at the end of them. However, Affiliate Funnel has weekly webinars and they are pitch free. Solid pieces of advice on building online businesses are given every week! You get access to all previous webinars in the member’s area.

Click here to join Affiliate Funnel!

I have just finished watching this webinar, Follow Up and Follow Through, hosted by Janet Legere. If you do not know who Janet Legere is, she is a very successful online entrepreneur who loves helping people to succeed online!

Back to the topic. Follow Up and Follow Through.

How are you building an online business?

Do you know the ingredients to make a sale online? They are:

1. A great product which will add value to your prospects
2. They know and trust you
Most of the time, you will already be having a great product to can help people. However, a lot of people find it difficult to get sales from recommending that great product. Have you ever wondered why? That is because you are missing the second ingredient, the TRUST factor.

As Kenneth Koh puts it in the Insider’s Advertising which is available for free in the LeadsLeap membership area, a sale is basically a TRANSFER of CONFIDENCE.

So how do we build this trust, this confidence? We need a way to communicate with them. However, do not go and bug everyone on your friend’s list to sell them something, you will surely be looked as a spammer who does not know the business world.

Sending traffic to a generic sales page will also not do that. When you do that, you are sending “cold” traffic to your sales page. What will usually happen is this….people will close your sales page, go to Google and type in “Program XXX review”, read other people’s review, some being offered bonuses, and they will buy from that person. Why? Because they believed that they have gained value from the other affiliates who have given them value!

So what can you do in order to build that trust?
The best way to go about it is to start building your own email list. When you have access to their emails, you can start sending them emails to build that much-needed confidence to finally close that sale to help you gain your “impossible” commission.

You will need an autoresponder to start building a list. After your prospects filled up their details to subscribe to your list, your autoresponder will start sending out follow up letters as pre-set by you previously. They will start receiving emails coming from you!

When crafted properly, you will have these prospects come looking for you to ask you more about the product you are promoting and will buy from you. You do know what happens when this happen, don’t you? Your prospects will become your buyers!

Why? Because you have built a rapport with them, which subsequently developed into trust and confidence!

Have you started building your list?

Leave your answers in your comment below!

If you do not know how to build a list but wish to do so, do reach out to me via Facebook and drop me a message!

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I have made a new video and I have uploaded on Youtube. It is titled: 3 Ingredients to Make Money Online. This video is inspired by Devon Brown and I created this to share this simple concept with you.

The 3 ingredients to make money online.

1. Targeted audience

You will get a targeted audience by building an email list.

2. A way to communicate with your targeted audience

You will need a tool known as an autoresponder.

An autoresponder will be used to collect the details of your prospects and you will be able to send automated follow-up letters as well as broadcast to them anytime you want.

You will be able to build a relationship with them too. Only when there is trust, only then a sale will happen.

3. A product which adds value to your customer’s business

If you have no product to sell, you will not make money. However, always choose a product where you will be able to add value to your prospects’ business.

Click the link for a simple, complete done-for-you system which is 100% Newbie friendly to start making money online.


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How To Make Your Autoresponder Pay You $4000 A Month!
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Building a list is a daunting task for most people.


However, there are a group of people who are making their autoresponder pay them. In this free report, I will share with you a great system to get you started building your own email list and earn a residual income of $4000 A Month just by doing simple tasks online!


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Believe In Yourself

Whatever you do in life, just remember this, you will definitely receive negative remarks, mostly from people who had no experience in what you will be venturing into. The secret to success is to believe in yourself!

These negativities cannot be avoided because the general public are conditioned to not think outside the box. The dogma “go to school, get good grades, get a high paying job and you will have a secured income” are instilled in us for generations. Very seldom, you will receive advice to explore the unknown because the unknown is a scary place.

However, let us think from another perspective, when you are sick, would you seek medical advice from an engineer or from a doctor? The answer is obvious…why? Because a doctor has been trained and they are gaining knowledge everyday to treat patients to their very best. Would you ask for advice regarding stock market from a property agent? Again, the answer will definitely be no!

People around you will pass on negative remarks not so much because they do not believe in you, but because they do not believe in themselves as they have set a limitation towards themselves. They do not like to be proven wrong too because if you are successful, they will be proven wrong.

How strong you believe in your dreams and yourself will be very important, especially when obstacles are thrown upon you one after another, to keep yourself going. Without a strong desire to achieve your dreams, these obstacles together with negativities by your peers will definitely put out the fire within you and giving up will seem like the best choice.

When you have a dream, even if you have to hustle and tussle twice as hard compared to the hours you put into your day job, you will feel that it is worth it. You know that you are working towards a greater good which other people will not be able to see in the present.

If you have a dream, pursue it.

Believe in yourself.

Do not let other people take control of your dreams.

At first,they will laugh at you. When you succeed, they will ask you how.

Focus On Simplicity For Success

There are so many ways to make money online and every NEW program out there is enticing you to join them with promises that you will make money if you join their program.

“Watch how a newbie turn $100 into $5000!” or similar phrases will definitely attract people, especially those “I need fast cash without working” people to hop on board, only to find out that they are not able to produce the results they desire. As they continue searching for that “AH-HA” opportunity, they will realize that the people who are making money from every new programs are usually the same people.

Want to know why? It is because they have their own MASSIVE personal email list. I am not talking about hundreds, or thousands, but at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. When there is a new program, all they need to do is to just send an email, receive hundreds to thousands of clicks to their offers, and BOOM! they would definitely make a commission.

However, have you ever asked yourself, how much time and money was put into building that list? How much struggle that one has to go through without consistent cash flow in the beginning? All we always see is the successes of other people, but never the struggle of those successful marketers.

The one tip which will definitely help you increase your earnings is this – FOCUS.

Focusing on one program at a time. As simple as it sounds, it is one of the most difficult thing to do when you are online, especially when you see claims by people who earn so much in a short amount of time. Their instruction will always be, join me in this program and promote and you will earn so much in how many days, then they proceed to show you their proof. You get attracted, and you try out the program.

Next, you dilute your advertising efforts. At the end of the day, you receive no results from both programs and you hop on to the next one. You failed to focus on building one business. You failed to focus your limited advertising resources on building that business.

Focusing on your goal. If this is not your first time on this blog, you will realize that I am building an online business revolving around TrafficWave using the TrafficWave Success Team system. When I started using this system, one of my goals is to recruit at least 10 paid TrafficWave referrals. I started using this system back in somewhere in the middle of October 2016. Results were not so great in October. I had two choices.

  1. Abandon TrafficWave Success Team and focus on another opportunity.
  2. Try different methods to create the results I wanted.

Looking back, I am grateful that I chose the second option and have gained good success with this system. The reason I stuck with TrafficWave Success Team is because, 2 weeks to 1 month is never enough to gauge the effectiveness of a program. Second, I knew the existence of TrafficWave Success Team for a few months and I see it still being promoted consistently. The only reason a program will be promoted consistently is because it works.

Focusing on improving your results. Instead of program hopping, why not try doing things which you think can help improve your results. You can read the article “How to Build Huge Downlines” which shows you what I did to improve my results. The additional things which I did was try to include video in my squeeze pages and I have noticed an improve in my results too! Last but not least, if you are in affiliate marketing, you need to…

Focus on building your email list. This is without a doubt the most important strategy you need to adopt to build a sustainable business online. Do not think short term, always think of the long term if you want to create financial and time freedom. If you have an email list, you are in for long term success.

Trafficwave Success Team provides you with all the tools you need to build your own email list while helping you to earn front end commissions as well as a residual income which will grow every month! I hope to see you in my team.


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to start building a 5 figure income!

TrafficWave autoresponder is one of the best autoresponder out there and it is one of the cheapest with the highest email deliverability rate. It is an essential tool for any marketers online in any niche because it will enable you to utilize the email marketing strategy which will help you to make sales, retain your visitors, and retain your customers!


Besides being a very useful tool, the TrafficWave compensation plan is one of the best out there which has the potential to help you earn a 5 figure residual income. While utilizing it for your email marketing purposes, it will be a good idea to promote it to gain referrals into TrafficWave. When they use TrafficWave in their business, you will earn a commission!


However, building a huge TrafficWave downlines is not an easy task. There are however many TrafficWave team builds around to help you to build a huge TrafficWave downline. TrafficWave Success Team is one of them. It is the first TrafficWave team build that I use and I am sticking with it because of the results it has produced for me.


You can read more about it over here and here.


It is not only working for me! I have just recently enrolled a new TrafficWave member, let us call him Mr. T, and the team leader, Tsunehiro, has helped him to set up his system in less than a day.


On the next day, Mr. T actually received a free trial member who later upgraded to the paid membership on the same day, earning him $17.95 in Fast Track Bonus! He basically recovered his cost within 1 day of using the system!

Mr. T proof




However, do note that different people will have different results. However, Mr. T is not the first to report such fast results. I have members who received their first paid TrafficWave referral in about 4 to 5 days utilizing this system.


Are you interested in building a huge TrafficWave downline, earn a nice residual income while building your list, and having Tsunehiro help you set up your whole marketing system (from landing pages to setting up your autoresponder) for free?


Join me now in TrafficWave Success Team and I will send you your much needed information!



Does TrafficWave Success Team work? Read my review on the success I had in the month of December here. You can read the review on the first month here.

YES! And only if you stick to the system.

Here is a snapshot of the Fast Track Bonus I was able to generate by using TrafficWave Success Team.

People are asking me if TrafficWave Success Team works and above will be the answer. It will work only if you are diligently working the system. Click here to find out the 3 tips to grow your TrafficWave downline too!

If you need proof, just head on to the TrafficWave Blog too.

It requires consistency. Day in and day out, focus on building your TrafficWave business. However, it will take time to grow. Focus on doing your part, promote it diligently. Eventually, when you bring in enough active downlines, your TrafficWave downlines will grow exponentially. Your residual income will grow as your donwline grow too.

Furthermore, if you want a sustainable business online, you should be building an email list and TrafficWave Success Team provides you with the tools you need to build a list. An autoresponder and a complete marketing funnel.

TrafficWave Success Team works.

The free enrollment system works.

All that’s left is for you to take action today, join our team, follow the steps in the free enrollment system, be consistent and you will definitely see results.

Do you want to build your list? Do you want to build a huge TrafficWave downline? Do you want to start building residual income so that it can replace your job?

If the answer to any questions above is a yes, join me and my team in TrafficWave Success Team. Just
fill up your details on the next page after clicking the link below.

I have always wanted to build a huge TrafficWave downline or at least get 3 active downlines so that my autoresponder fees will be paid for by the commissions. I did not expect such great results with TrafficWave Success Team even on my first month.

However, the success continued on the second month and I want to share a few things which I think helped with my TrafficWave business.

1. Creating Your Own Landing Pages

TrafficWave Success Team helps to create your squeeze page. It works. But won’t you want better results with your squeeze page?

Let us go down to the basics. The way you will build your TrafficWave downline will be via building your list. When you build your list, your prospects will go through the letters pre-loaded into your own autoresponder. These letters will be responsible for converting your prospects to your TrafficWave downline. Doesn’t it make sense to have as many people as possible going through your letters and joining TrafficWave under you?

So how do you increase the size of your list?

1. By advertising more.

2. By increasing the conversions of your squeeze page.

By using your own unique squeeze page, on good days, you can even add as many as 10 new subscribers a day by using free advertising sites! I spend 30 minutes to create a new squeeze page and it helped me to gain more subscribers for the course I used that squeeze page until I decided to split test it with another new one, hopefully which will convert more subscribers.

If you have joined TrafficWave Success Team, there is training included where it shows you how you can make your own pages!

2.  Giving Out Help As Much As You Can

If you want more people to follow you into your team, you need to offer whatever assistance within your power to help your prospects or downlines.

This does not mean giving a guarantee of helping to enroll 3 new paid members or helping them to advertise their link etc. It is as easy as replying their messages, answering their queries, providing them solutions, show them how to get results. By being a leader, you are showing a good example to your downlines and this will motivate them to do the same for their downlines. In the long run, you will have an army of active downlines because you started by giving out something first.

Remember to look beyond the money and FIRST PROVIDE VALUE! The more value you give, in the future, your returns will be even more!

One example is this: My downlines requested me to make a squeeze page for them to promote TrafficWave Success Team. I do not provide them that service (it is not within my power as I am only able to make simple squeeze pages) but what I did was I shared my squeeze pages with them and allow them to use it to build their team.

When anyone in my team ask me for the advertising sites I am personally using, I will just direct them to Marketing Success Funnel because the sites inside MSF are the ones I am using and have the most success with.

However, I try my best to answer all questions that my downlines have and I try my best to help them.

3. Understanding the Module of Your Business

This is an important point because many people have unrealistic expectations of the system they are currently using. There are many good system which works. The owner themselves are having success with it. However, if you are going to compare your results with other people, remember to include the TIME factor and the DIFFERENCE IN EXPERIENCE as well as DIFFERENCE IN RESOURCES. I am 100% sure that members who are having success with a system might have MORE EXPERIENCE in promoting (which will give them better results) , MORE RESOURCES (they might have their own personal list to promote to) and they might have been using that particular system for 6 months compared to you who have only used it for 1 week and you did not give it your all in promoting it.

By watching this video by Brian Rooney – The Power of One, I understood one thing. Business takes time to grow.

The TIME which Brian presented in the video is building your TrafficWave business over the span of  12 months! It shows you clearly how you can build an income of $4000+ by only sponsoring 1 new paid member a month and you teach your downline to do the same.

After watching the video, my personal aim was this: sponsoring 1 new paid TrafficWave member every month and to keep in contact with him/her and encourage him/her to build their TrafficWave business every month!

My personal goal was as simple as : Sponsor ONE new TrafficWave member Every Month!

Next, when you build a list, do not expect immediate action from your new prospects who just join your list. When you put people into your list, remember that they already have a primary business of their own. It is YOUR JOB to show them how TrafficWave can help them or direct them to your TrafficWave business if they are still searching around for a legitimate business online. When you join TrafficWave Success Team, your autoresponder has been pre-loaded with follow up letters aimed to get them onto your team. You NEED TIME to let your LETTERS DO THEIR WORK. Even if your prospects did not join TrafficWave after completing all the follow up, it is normal.

It is however your job to stay in constant contact with them. Send them regular broadcast reminding them that you are around to help them. Show them that their sponsor or future sponsor is serious about building that business by staying in their business. Sometimes, people do not join your opportunity because they do not know / trust you. The simple way to gain trust is by showing them that you are always there, serious about building your business. Think about it, if you join an opportunity under a sponsor, and that sponsor does not reply your messages or he does not stay with the business he introduced to you, will you want to join programs under him in the future?

It will ba big NO because it just shows me that this sponsor does not understand his own business, this sponsor does not believe in the system he was promoting, and this sponsor does not want to build relationships with their potential prospects.

If you understand the TrafficWave compensation plan and how powerful it is, if you are looking for a team of people who are always there to provide help, if you are looking for a “done-for-you” system to start building a list, I will suggest you to join my team in TrafficWave Success Team.

By joining TrafficWave Success Team, you will have your whole marketing system set up for you. You will have sponsors who are actively building their business so that you will benefit from the spillovers (do not join because of this but treat it as a bonus).

Ever since I have introduced TrafficWave Success Team into Marketing Success Funnel, I do get a few members asking me how to integrate Marketing Success Funnel with TrafficWave Success Team.

Here, I will share how I do it.

First of all, why not just solely promote Marketing Success Funnel? If you just promote Marketing Success Funnel, you will not be building your own list. To have a sustainable business online as well as as a sustainable income, the best strategy is to have your own email list. Solely promoting Marketing Success Funnel is a good starting strategy because it is a good place to start learning the ins and outs of the traffic exchange and safelist industry. Once you understand how things work, then you will reach a time when you have to step up your game to improve your results and list building will be the next best step.

Why TrafficWave Success Team? TrafficWave Success Team focuses on one thing: building a TrafficWave downline. You will want to do this because the TrafficWave compensation plan is really good and it will provide you with a monthly income! Even if you have recurited someone into TrafficWave but did not join TrafficWave Success Team, as long as they use TrafficWave as their autoresponder (Paying $17.95 monthly but allowing you to have unlimited list with unlimited amount of subscribers with no extra charges is the best deal you can find on the net), you will be receiving monthly commissions from them too! It is a tool which is required by marketers of all levels and once they start using it, you can be sure that they will be a customer for a long time.

I wanted to try out a team build TrafficWave team without all the aspects of the rotators or hot seats because I do not want to send the traffic to a rotator and wait for the hot seat for months! I do not want to build a TrafficWave downline with a downline builder because it never worked for me in the past. I tried TrafficWave Success Team and after how well it went in my first months, I am going to stick with it.

How to promote TrafficWave Success Team but not neglecting Marketing Success Funnel at the same time?

The strategy that I used was this;  I created my own TrafficWave Success Team landing pages and I put my Marketing Success Funnel affiliate link as the confirmation page.

This means whenever my new prospect confirms his/her subscription, they will automatically be brought to my Marketing Success Funnel main affiliate site. On an average of 4 to 5 new subscriber I get, I am getting about 1 to 2 new Marketing Success Funnel members. By deploying this strategy, you will be able to build your own list and bring in new Marketing Success Funnel referrals to build your downlines in other traffic programs and earn from the core programs too!

This strategy has proven to be working for me for years. Previously, I promoted the TE Profits report heavily and in the confirmation link, I would put my Traffic Profit Pro affiliate link. Using this strategy, I was able to gain more than 700 referrals into Traffic Profit Pro. This method will work if you know your target audience.

I will not use the above method if I were to promote it with solo ads from Udimi because TE’s and Safelist generally don’t receive good attention from those group of marketers. If I promote in Udimi, I will change my squeeze page and promote something else on the confirmation page which I think will suit the audience better.

Another strategy which will work is to create at least 3 emails promoting Marketing Success Funnel and plugging it into your TrafficWave Success Team campaign. These 3 emails should be put after all the TrafficWave Success Team letters are delivered.

For extra results, edit each letter by adding a simple P.S. promoting Marketing Success Funnel or other programs you feel will benefit your subscribers. Remember to always add value to your subscribers instead of pitching to them all the time.

Build your list, get TrafficWave and Marketing Success Funnel sign ups, and build a sustainable monthly income starting today!

1. Marketing Success Funnel
2. TrafficWave Success Team
3. TrafficWave Autoresponder
4. Udimi
5. TE Profits
6 Traffic Profit Pro

There are a few things which led to this blogpost.

First of all, it is a reply I obtained from sharing another member’s TrafficWave Success Team post. His reply was “rather than showing an opportunity, it will be better to show me how to make my first dollar online.”

The second incident was what one of my associates encountered. He received an email from his prospect stating that “I don’t want to pay money before I earn“.

Well, these 2 incidents led me to ask, what is your goal coming into internet marketing.

Do you want to earn 1 dollar online? Do you want to earn money for free? If that is the case, just join a PTC site like Clixsense, click for pennies, do some surveys and you will earn before paying money, you will earn your first dollar online.

However, what is your real goal? Certainly, it is not about earning one dollar online. You cannot buy anything with that. I am sure you are into internet marketing to earn an income online, to retire from your day job, to achieve financial freedom, to have more time with your loved ones etc. Will earning your first dollar online help you?

Secondly; “I don’t want to pay money before I earn.” Same concept, you can utilize PTC sites to do that but do you want to really do that? Trading precious hours for pennies? I am sure if you do a simple Google search, you will be able to find the answer, however, have you put in the effort? You can do that by choosing a small niche, create quality articles, optimize your SEO, get your website to Page 1 Google, and the visitors will come in followed by sales. Sounds logical, but is it easy without the right knowledge?

Internet Marketing is the same as any degree in this world. To become a professional, you need to undergo rigorous training for a few years, e.g. lawyers, engineers, doctors, programmers etc. They will pay to attend universities, to gain the right knowledge for whatever they want to learn and be good at it. Internet Marketing is the same! If you are going to spend money, make it worth it. Make sure you gain some new knowledge and try to implement it, not buy a new training program, go through it, and put it aside because work is involved.

So, has your goal change from clicking to pennies to earn your first dollar online to actually build a real business online so that you can attain financial freedom?

If you answered yes, then be prepared for the answer.  You can build a real business online starting today by starting to build an email list. Your own email list.

Learn what is an autoresponder. Learn how to use an autoresponder. Learn simple html. With simple html, you can build your own landing page and integrate your landing page with your autoresponder form. Once you start building your list, learn how to follow up with your list. Learn how to keep providing value to your list. If you find any information products regarding these, read about them and try to implement it. Keep doing it until you are good.

Remember, there will be no graduation ceremony for Internet Marketing. It will be something you do continously which will also evolve with time. One thing which will never change is this: hard work always pays off at the end.

If you are looking for a solution to start building your list today, join me in TrafficWave Success Team. In this team, you will learn how to use TrafficWave (an autoresponder). The team leader will also help you to set up your landing page and your autoresponder letters. The whole system is designed to help you build your list while building a huge downline in TrafficWave! The TrafficWave compensation plan is awesome and has the ability to help you generate an income to retire in less than 1 year! This will also shorten your learning curve.

Once you join TrafficWave Success Team, just follow the instructions in the email to get started. While you are using TrafficWave Success Team, do go to the training videos available and learn how you can fully utilize TrafficWave for future ventures: creating a new campaign, creating follow up letters, creating chains, sending broadcasts etc.

Click Here to Read My TrafficWave Success Team Review!



Many people come into online marketing because they see claims that $6000 was made by a housewife/student/retiree in a day and believe that making money online can be easy. Well, if you are looking for a way to get quick cash online, the chances are as slim as buying the jackpot.

Behind the $6000 a day (it is possible), a lot of hard work, time, and effort has been put in. Nobody is successful overnight. Even the latest craze of Pokemon Go by Niantic was not an overnight success but it was effort put in over 20 years!

Any business in this world can only be successful because of its customers. There will be 2 categories of them, the new customers, and the repeated customers. Quoted from Jack Ma; Customers number 1, Employees number 2, and Shareholders number 3. The reason behind this is simple, when a company faces a problem, shareholders will be the first to pull out from the investment, but the customers will be the ones keeping a company or business alive. No customers = no sales = no cashflow = no business.

From this point of view, it is easy to see that bringing in new customers and retaining old customers is a very important strategy you have to deploy if you want long term success in the online business. Even if you are a web owner, just having a website will not be enough if you can constantly bring in new visitors but unable to retain them for long periods. The only way you can retain your visitors or customers will be via building an email list. Even if you do not own a website but you focus on just building an email list and provide value to your list, you will find your online business growing everyday!

Let us compare 2 marketers, marketer A and marketer B where there is a new launch of a product.

Marketer A: Marketer A does not build a list. Whenever there is a new product launch, he/she will set aside a capital for advertising campaigns (these will not be cheap). When the time to promote the product arrives, she will then start her advertising campaigns to promote a product, hoping to make a sale to cover her investment and hoping for a positive ROI.

Marketer B: Marketer B has built a list for a long time. Let us say that he has a list of 10,000. Before a product is launched, he/she writes an email to promote the product. When the time arrives to promote, he broadcast his message to his list of 10,000.

Let us see from 2 aspects, time and money.
– Whenever there is a product launch, Marketer A has to set aside a budget for advertising. He/She needs to log into multiple sites, purchase advertising, and once the product goes live, she has to go into these sites to set up her links etc. Advertising budget can go up to thousands and there are a lot of things to consider and the most important part is if her campaign can generate a ROI.

For marketer B, he set aside 30 minutes to prepare a series of letter. Once the product goes live, he/she starts sending out the letter at set intervals (which can be automated with an autoresponder). Adveritising cost? Nil. Worried about ROI? No budget was set aside for this. 1 sale is all he/she needs to generate a positive ROI for this campaign.

When a new product goes live and is worth promoting, Marketer A will be LOOKING FOR NEW CUSTOMERS while Marketer B will be GOING BACK TO HIS OLD CUSTOMERS. However, is Marketer B constantly promoting to only old customers? When there is nothing new to promote, Marketer B will be building his list – thus he is also creating new customers whenever there is a new product!

So when you focus on building your list, you are essentially:

1. Creating New Customers

2. Retaining your Old Customers

When you know the best affiliate product to promote online and you have a well oiled funnel, you will also be able to generate up front cash which will help you generate a positive cash flow to further build your business!

Are you building your list? If you have not started, you need to start now. You need an autoresponder to do it and I will recommend TrafficWave. It has a 30 day free trial and if you need someone to help pay your upgrade for the first month, all you need to do is just let me know and I will pay for your first month too! Click here to join TrafficWave today!

If you have do not know how to use an autoresponder and need help to set it up to start building your list, I will recommend you to join me in TrafficWave Success Team (you can read my TrafficWave Success Team review here). You will get your whole marketing system set up for you and you just need to focus on promoting your squeeze page and that will be taught in this team too! You will get a similar squeeze page like this set up, you will get your autoresponders loaded with letters, and you will get the enrollment system for free too! You can start building YOUR OWN list and TrafficWave downlines to earn a nice residual income! Fill up the form below to get started!

Let Me Give You A
System Which Will Help You Create a 5 Figure Income In Less Than 12

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