Your Greatest Enemy is Not Failure…

Your Greatest Enemy is Not Failure But DOUBT!

In fact, your greatest friend is failure. It is from failure that one learns, gains experiences, and make it a guide for improvements. Failure is actually the main recipe for success.

“Your Greatest Friend is Failure”
However, your greatest enemy is DOUBT. Doubt is the one thing that will make you procrastinate. Doubt is the culprit to make you afraid of trying. When you do not take the first step, there will not be failure, and at the same time, there will not be success. And some time in the near future, there will be regrets. There will be tons of “what ifs”, and when you actually realize it, there will be not enough time anymore.

“Doubt will create regrets. Do not let doubt control your life.”

When you venture into internet marketing, it is very common that your environment will be the biggest factor in creating doubts in you. Even if you know what you need to do and you have the determination and discipline to do it, your peers, your relatives who has no experience and knowledge in internet marketing will lead you to believe that you are heading for failures. These negative thoughts will definitely affect one some way in another and will mostly go the wrong way.

Imagine this, when you have a disease, will you believe a doctor or will you believe a friend when it comes to treatment? Most will answer a doctor because they are treating you based on knowledge which has been accumulated over centuries with new evidence in medicine where the treatment administered to you has been shown to help people who suffer the same disease as you.

The above analogy is the same for internet marketing. Will you listen to a mentor who has real proven success, who is living a laptop lifestyle or your peers who are living paycheck to paycheck, stuck in the rat race, unable to come out of their comfort zone to look for opportunities to achieve financial freedom? Unfortunately, when it comes to this situation, many people will let these negative behavior affect them, creating doubt in them, and will not want to try or give up too soon. Personally, I feel that this situation is like asking a plumber regarding a car. No one in their sane mind will do that, so why do you let people with no experience in one field affect you?

Internet marketing is an art. There are many teachings and all of them can bring you success when applied the right way. Some marketers are more well versed in their specific niche and there is no superiority when it comes to internet marketing. It is all about learning something new everyday and be ready to apply them in your marketing campaigns. The longer you are in Internet Marketing, the more specific strategies you will develop by yourself and your uniqueness will help you succeed.

All this will be naught when you let doubt take over you. Many will not venture into it because “it is a scam” as mentioned by their peers and many will give up too soon because “it is a scam”.

Take control of your life, not doubt. If you want to learn about internet marketing, dedicate your time and money, do not get into programs which promises you quick cash, but learn the ins and outs of internet marketing. Learn about building a website, learn about traffic, learn about list building, learn about creating landing pages, learn about copy writing etc. There is so many things to learn it feels like we are taking a college degree! Will you give up 1 month into college? Certainly not. Is college free? Certainly not. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is the key to beating doubt.

If you want to start taking control of your life, do something new today. Read something about internet marketing. Start a blog. Start a website. If you want to know where you can doing so, I will suggest Wealthy Affiliate. You will be given 2 websites for free and you will be given a course of 10 lessons for free! Best part is? They teach you proper internet marketing. They teach you to turn any passion into a money making opportunity. It is free! The community is great!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!


Or do you want doubt to control you? The choice is yours…

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Look Beyond The Money

I know you are in the internet marketing industry because you want to make money.

Your only goal is to make money. However, I am sure that 90% of those who only has this goal in mind ends up not making any money at all.

However, when we step back and look at the successful internet marketers, what do they share in common? If you take notice about it, the successful ones always have a community around them. They attract these community who will follow whatever these internet marketers have to say? The reason is simple


They Provide Real Value to Their Community


They do not promote a particular product because they will be able to make 100% commissions off it. Instead, they promote a product, at the expense of a lower commissions at times, because they believe that the product will add certain value to their community. Besides that, they share all their valuable tips and they do not keep these tips to succeed. They genuinely want people around them to succeed, and most of the time, the sales and commissions will come in.

When you provide real value, you will be seen as an authority. People will be attracted to you because they know you are putting them first. When they encounter a problem, you will be the first person to pop up in their mind. They will look for you. Either visiting your blog for answers, mailing you personally, dropping you a message on skype or social media platforms.

If you genuinely provide help at these times, even if they need to join a program under you for more information, you will find them joining these sites and taking upgrades or purchasing products which you recommend because they believe in you. They have the confidence in you. This rapport and confidence level takes time to build, and it will not be built based on constant sales pitch and not putting them first. It will not be possible if you did not provide them real value in the first place.

For example, if somebody ask you how you make money, be genuine in providing answers you know and methods which are working for you. Show them how you do it, provide them with proof and guide them. Do not promote an affiliate product just because you want to earn a commission off it but promote the product or program because you know it will add value to your prospects. If you can do this, the money will follow.

If you focus on making money and not providing value, you will find yourself failing most of the time.


People Will Buy From You Because They Know, Like, and Trust You


If you ask me how I make money online, I will not be telling you from blogging, or from promoting clickbank products. That is because I do not make money via these methods and I am still learning these. Instead, I will show you how I make money by building my email list.

I will show you what programs are working for me like what you will find in Marketing Success Funnel.

Marketing Success Funnel

These are the methods which I use to make money online and I hope that whatever content that I put out there will be of help to newcomers.

If you want to start a website like this, I do it by joining Wealthy Affiliate and taking advantage of the 2 free websites provided in WA. I recommend it because there are tons of training provided and the community her is very helpful! You will definitely get help 24/7 no matter what time and which part of the world you are in.



What are your goals in your internet marketing journey and how do you add real value to your community? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Posted by Tan Jin Kit - 21 July, 2016 at 2:51 pm

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Be in The Top 10% By Just Using This!

Have you ever wondered what do the most successful people in the world possess but you don’t? Why are you stuck in the rat race but they are living a lifestyle which will seem impossible to you?

If you think that they are lucky, then you are one of the people who just gives in to excuses.


Successful People are Never Lucky. They Have an Undying Willpower to Push Them Through Failures and Eventually Succeed Tweet This


Many times, these successful people started from zero. Their childhood may not be as blessed as you too. Some went through abuse, some are orphanage, some are deemed having mental illness etc.

However, this group of people went on to create something which can change the world and their names has been passed down in history or will definitely hit the history books in the next generation.

Successful people…no matter what niche they are in has 1 thing in common – their undying willpower.

Wealthy Affiliate

One word will not exist in their dictionary – failure.

Only with great willpower that you will not be defeated by failure.

Only with great willpower that you will be able to turn any failure into a lesson which will further fuel your growth, as a person and your business.

They do what other unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

They go against the negativities poured on them.

They believe in themselves.

Are successful people the smartest people in the world? In majority of the cases, the answer is no. In fact, the smartest people are the people working the ones who are more successful but not as smart as them. The key difference is this, successful people are COMMITTED to what they have set out to do.


Successful People Are Committed to What They Have Set Out to Do and Will Not Stop Until They Reach Their Goal! Tweet This


Next time you find yourself procrastinating or you are just feeling plain lazy to do something you know you should be doing, take note of it, and make a choice. Take action and do something even if it is very minimal. Your willpower needs training just like how a perfect toned muscle needs its regular regimen of exercise. Spend time using it properly to train it and soon it will be as natural as breathing for you. Your success is more or less guaranteed once you achieve that state.

Say for example you would like to learn how to use the internet to make an extra income to achieve financial freedom. Take your first step today by  joining Wealthy Affiliate (100% Free). Once you do, head on to the lessons provided for free (a total of 10 course) and go through them as much as you are able to absorb. Interact with the active community. If you are able to do just that, you are already a day closer to achieving your dream. Click Here to join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

There is another choice. Close this page, continue browsing Facebook, watching videos, scrolling through memes and continue with your activities which you know will not bring you closer to success but you chose to do so anyway. At the end of the day, successful people are just lucky, right?

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Posted by Tan Jin Kit - 11 July, 2016 at 12:45 pm

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4 Ways on How to Get Motivated To Build an Online Biz

4 Ways on How to Get Motivated


“It is time to start working on my online business! But I just got back from work, I need some rest, maybe I will just watch TV for a short while…” and moments later, you know where we will be going. We feel tired, we give in to our desire, we get demotivated, we lose track of building our online business.

I am guilty of the above situation many times and when I look back on those times, it is because I was lacking motivation. Saying that I am tired was just an excuse. Not seeing results from my previous day’s work make me doubt if I am wasting my time. However, below are the 4 ways on how I get motivated back to build my online business.


1. Recharge Properly

Getting motivated requires willpower. And willpower works like muscles; overwork it and you will feel the fatigue, rest it properly and it will grow and once full rested, you will be able to start a new day fresh and ready!

However, in this modern era, there are too many distractions which disturbs our rest, preventing us from recharging properly. To recharge properly, follow these 4 simple but effective ways!

- Turn off all electronics in your bedroom and stay away from screens for at least 2 hours before you hit the sack.

- Avoid consuming caffeine in the evening. It has shown to disturb quality of sleep if taken even 6 hours before bed.

-Sleep with a blindfold. Do not allow unnatural light into your room which can disturb your quality of sleep!

-Spend time doing activities that will make your body feel alive! e.g. yoga, meditation, stretching etc.


Getting and Staying Motivated is A Choice. Stop Making Excuses! Tweet This

2. Keep your body energized

We heard this phrase a lot back in our younger days, keep your body healthy to have a healthy mental state. However, as we grow up being stuck in the rat race, we tend to neglect our body. From not exercising to not eating right.

First and foremost, make sure you are eating right. Have you ever felt sluggish after a heavy meal, often resulting in you taking a nap and oversleeping? Our body spends a great amount of energy on digestion and if you eat heavy foods, you will often feel sluggish.


3. Watch or Read Something Insipirational

This is the most effective way for me and with the internet, finding something motivational to read online or a video to watch online is so easy.

Just head on to youtube and type in the famous figures who play a prominent role in your life. More often or so, there will be interviews and these videos can give you the jolt to get you to put away procrastination. Figures who have great influence on me are Tony Robbins and Jack Ma.


4. Speak to Someone

Sometimes, all you need is to get your ideas out of your own head. You just need someone who believes in you and what you are doing, and all you need is a listener. It can be your best friend or your close family member.

For example, I was on the fence on starting my own membership site because of the unknown but after letting it out to my best friend, he was fully supportive on it and I went on to create my first membership site.

However, you have to choose your listener / advisor properly. Do not find somebody who only pass on negative comments on what you do. This can backfire your strategy to stay motivated, unless you are the kind of person who will take those negativities and turn them into your fuel for success!

Do you have any other ways to stay motivated when you are feling lazy and tired? Leave it in the comments!


Stop giving excuses! If you want to start making money online and be financially free, learn everything from scratch with the active community from Wealthy Affiliate. 100% Free to Join so that takes out an excuse from you! Join Wealthy Affiliate today!

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Leased Ad Space Review – Is it A Scam?

Leased Ad Space Review – Is it A Scam?


This is my honest review of Leased Ad Space and I have been a member of Leased Ad Space and I have been using it for 3 months now.


What is Leased Ad Space?


Leased Ad Space is a site which sells the hottest commodity online – Traffic. Without traffic, any online business will not thrive. What sets it apart from its competitor is its low entry point, a one time payment of $7. For just $7, you will be able to receive one solo ad per month (FOR LIFE!), 4000 banner ad impressions, and 2000 text ad impressions.

It does not stop there. The system is a forced 8×7 matrix system where as you purchase more packages, you will receive more banner and text ads, and the number of solo ads you will be able to send a month increases! The highest traffic package (Red Diamond) will enable you to send 1 solo ad every 48 hours (FOR LIFE), receive 55000 banner impressions (EVERY MONTH), 30000 text ad impressions (EVERY MONTH)! Imagine the advertising power you will obtain when you finally purchase the 7th tier package.


How is The Commissions Structure?


You will earn 100% commission on sales you have make. That is right! 100% commissions. This means when your tier 1 downlines buy their first traffic package, you will immediately earn back your first $7! Imagine this, get 3 sales, and you will be able to buy package 2, and that is no extra money from your part. When your referrals buy package 2, you will earn $17 commissions from each sale.

Next, you need to understand the commissions structure.

It is a forced 8×7 matrix. If you are familiar with matrices, good! If not, you will be as lost as me when I first purchased into Leased Ad Space.

Below is the matrix system in Leased Ad Space.

All members, which come in will be affiliated with your account. Your level 1 will only be filled when your referrals make a purchase. Referrals who do not purchase anything will not be added into your level 1.

What does 8×7 means? It means that you will only have 8 paid downlines in your level 1. Everybody earns only 8×7 bucks in the first level, no matter what.

What happens to the 9th paid member you brought in? This 9th member will then be assigned to be one of your referral’s level 1. After they have purchased the first advertising package, they will then be put on your referral’s level 1, but on your level 2! And at level 2, you will be able to receive 64 x 17USD!

Yes, this is known as over spill. Downlines will benefit from their upline’s efforts! And their uplines will keep promoting because they want to fill up the higher tiers as soon as possible because that is where the commissions are being made!

Furthermore, some of your downlines may continue to purchase the advertising packages even if they have not made a sale if the advertising at Leased Ad Space is performing well for them!

For example, my eventual goal is to be able to purchase the “Red Diamond” Package. Why? Because the advertising power I will obtain will boost my online business! And when I aim to reach that package, what will I do? Continuously promoting Leased Ad Space! And when I promote Leased Ad Space, my downline will benefit from my effort!

With Leased Ad Space, I want my downline to benefit from my effort because the more my downlines get paid, there will be higher possibility of them purchasing higher level packages, which will subsequently earn me more commissions!


How is the Quality of Advertising?


In Leased Ad Space, there will be 3 forms of advertising; Banner advertising, text ad advertising, and solo ad advertising.

History of my Text ad Advertising: 5000 impressions, 18 clicks, CTR of 0.36%

History of my Banner ad Advertising :
125 x 125 banners : 2500 impressions, 9 clicks, CTR of 0.36%
468 x 60 banners : 5783 impressions (ongoing), 16 clicks, CTR of 0.27%

As you are able to see, the text ads and banner ads are being clicked. Do remember that these are non-incentive based clicking and these kinds of clicking has generated me with sign ups and subscribers. The numbers are not great, but imagine having 55,000 banner impressions and 30,000 text ad impressions every month with no clicking or advertising from your side, will it help your marketing? You bet!

Now for solo ads, do take note that only paid members will be reading your ads. This means that you are advertising only to PROVEN BUYERS! Subscribers or sign ups from this site are extremely valuable. Leased Ad Space solo ads has brought me new subscribers every time I use it. It is that powerful! Imagine being able to send out these solo ads every other day with Red Diamond Package!


Growth of This Baby


My first Solo Ad I sent out was 22nd April 2016 and my current Solo Ad I sent out was 29th June 2016. The first solo ad I sent out to reached  376 paid members, and my latest solo ad I sent out reached 991 paid members. 600+ new paid members in 2 months! This site is doing very well! Of course, there are a lot of new members not in this statistic because they have not paid for their first package. The growth is very good!


Who is Leased Ad Space suitable for?


Anyone and everyone who owns a business online, seeking for more traffic with proven buyers at a low entry point.

It is also suitable for new marketers who do not have much to spare. Just forking out the intial $7 should not pose a problem to any new marketers. There are no recurring payments so you will be able to find effective ways of advertising to get referrals and obtain back your $7 with your first sale!


Why should you join under Leased Ad Space from this page?


Because you will be joining under me.

I had a very good upline who promoted Leased Ad Space diligently. I paid $7 initially just to test the advertising power I will get from Leased Ad Space and did not promote it.

However, I obtained overspill from my upline, and my first 8 paid members in my tier one was literally filled by my upline, in a span of 3 short days once my first downline arrived! This meant that I had a windfall of USD$56, all from my upline’s effort.

After experiencing this, I know that this is a good opportunity for me to repay back to this internet marketing community and help new marketers. I have struggled with internet marketing before, and I know how USD5$56 can mean a lot in the beginning of the journey of internet marketing. It can mean purchasing into a marketing funnel and an online empire can be built up from there. It can help to get more advertising for any form of internet marketing you are currently in.

I want you to experience the power of a 8×7 matrix and benefit from it.

I love Leased Ad Space so much that I have created a marketing system, Marketing Success Funnel, with Leased Ad Space as the main money making program in it. This will let you know how serious I am in making this system work! Join me in Marketing Success Funnel.

As of writing this article, I have already purchased the Package 3 traffic!


How to Promote Leased Ad Space?


My main advertising methods are via Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. However, I have never promoted Leased Ad Space directly using their splash pages or my main affiliate URL. As mentioned above, I have created a marketing system, Marketing Success Funnel, and that is the only program I am promoting to obtain referrals to Leased Ad Space and out of 2 Leased Ad Space referrals obtained from Marketing Success Funnel, 1 of them becomes a paying member!


In conclusion, is Leased Ad Space a scam?


It is not a scam, in fact, it is one of the most legitimate sites out there where it is geared to make all its members successful, by providing a medium for her members to sell the hottest commodity online – Traffic!

If you are still struggling online, I will suggest you to:


1. Join Leased Ad Space from this page and pay your first $7 so you can benefit from my promotional efforts!



2. Join Marketing Success Funnel.


Marketing Success Funnel





3. Promote Marketing Success Funnel using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists! By doing so, you will be building your Leased Ad Space referrals and in other traffic programs which will earn you residual traffic. There is another free to join program which will earn you a passive income by promoting Marketing Success Funnel consistently.

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One Year From Now…

Never  Give UpWhere will you be?

Still stuck with your job you hate but forced to continue working to pay for all your commitments?

Still wondering what would have happened if you had started building an online business?

Still wondering what would have happened if you did not give up building your list?

Still wondering what would have happened if you have focused only promoting one program and did not program hop that often?

I received an e-mail from one of the list I subscribed too and it made me more motivated and it is a sin if I do not share it with you.

In the e-mail, 3 groups of people were described:

1st group is the people who wants to make money online, but does not want to put in any effort into it. They want a program which promises riches without doing anything. At the end of the day, they take part in scams unknowingly and lose a lot of money. Losing money is one thing, but many had also fallen into debt.

The 2nd group of people are those who build their business online with correct methods, saw some achievements, but felt that the achievemet was too small in comparable with their effort and time invested and they decided to quit. They got a lot of referrals for a certain program, and quit halfway through it. Over time, these referrals who did not quit finally ugraded their membership / bought products and they could have earned those commissions if they had not quit.

The 3rd group of people are those who never quit. Even when faced with failures, they NEVER GIVE UP! Failures became their teachers, their motivation, their drive for success. Every failure meant another step nearer to success. You may have spent 2 years on internet marketing not making money, however, the knowledge on building a list, building a website, learning html, setting up proper squeeze pages, copywriting skills were gained from every failure. This group of people realize the skills gained from each failures and use them as their foundation for future success.

I was in the first group when I started internet marketing because there were so many things which I didn’t know and I did not have any networking done. It was just simply following a program to the tee and not thinking on how to build my business. I quit. I did not make any sales.

Later on, I returned to the internet marketing world and I was in the 2nd group of marketers. I finally started earning real commissions because I finally had a plan to build my online business. However, there were other personal commitments which made me put my internet marketing on hold and going on a hiatus will really demotivate you. Eventually, my PayPal account went negative and I lost all my list! It took quite some time to recover from that loss.

However, from that experience, I realised that building a business online is not impossible. Through that journey, I have learned a set of basic skills which I am still applying on a regular basis and I return for the third time, to be the 3rd group of marketers. I have understood that building any business, online or offline, requires a plan and most importantly, requires time to let your business grow.

As long as you do not quit, you will definitely succeed in the long term.

If you are an affiliate for a product / program which you know will definitely work for you if you follow it, focus on promoting that product / program for one year. If you aim to make one sale a week, by the end of one year, you would have made 52 sales!

If you are building a list, even if you are able to grow the list by 3 subscribers a day which does not sound impressive, but keep doing it for a month and you will have 90 subscribers. Continue doing what you are doing and you will end up with 1080 subscribers (rough estimate) a year.

One year from now, will you be happy with 52 sales from this year? Or would you rather have 0 sales?

One year from now, will you be happy with a list of 1080 subscribers? Or would you rather have 0 subscribers?

The choice is yours.

If you are asking on how to start a business online, there are a few ways:

1. If you like a simplistic approach, join a training program like Marketing Success Funnel.

2. If you like building a list, then you can learn how to build an email list here.

3. If you would like to start a website and you do not like traffic exchanges, then Wealthy Affiliate will be a good starting point.

Leave your comments. Share this article if it had inspire you.

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Secret to Success – Raise Your Standards

Secret To Success - Raise Your StandardInternet Marketing is really simple once you get the hang of it but what is fueling you to achieve success is even more important. There is so much information on the internet and you will be able to learn whatever you want, from blogging to SEO to gaining traffic to being a successful affiliate. Goals are set, but many times, they are not achieved.

The problem does not lie in your goals, but it is the standards you set for yourself. People don’t always get their goals, but they will always get their standards. When you set a standard for yourself, it becomes a must, and everybody in life gets their must! It becomes their basic instinct to achieve their standard

When you set a goal, you will always say “I should write a blogpost every week”, “I should advertise my webpage more”, “I should quit smoking..” etc. When you “SHOULD” do something, you kinda know it will not happen or it will not sustain.

However, when you set a standard for yourself, you will instinctively say, I must find a way, and I will make my way to achieve the standard I have set for myself. Was there a period in life where you had to raise your own standards and once that paradigm shift occurred, suddenly everything you found difficult to do became so natural? For example, being a parent facing a higher cost of living. Indirectly, your standards for your life has been raised; you need to earn more to feed your child, you need to earn more to give your family a better life, and you eventually found a way to earn more money!

When something inside you shifted, where a “should” became a “must”, you will feel different. Suddenly, it doesn’t take any willpower anymore. What was once previously dreaded became something so natural.

Choices are made from the start. Believes are made from the start. The feeling of being successful, the thoughts and believes that you will be successful are made from the start. Whatever you believed in becomes the glass ceiling to your success. The only way to gain more success is by breaking the glass ceiling, thus raising your standard.

Thinking back when I first started Internet Marketing, I was trying to look for free ways to earn money online. After many months and failures, I realized that there are tools you need in your business which you need to invest in to achieve success online. I started taking upgrades, paid for my autoresponders, learned how to build my list, learned about email marketing relationship. My thoughts of “I want to learn how to make money from internet marketing” shifted to “I want to be a successful internet marketer. I must make enough money through internet marketing to gain financial freedom and get out of the rat race by the age of 35. I must be successful to show skeptics that I can be successful via my own way”. Suddenly, learning new things became natural, it didn’t become a burden. It became fun! And you know when something is fun, it is sustainable and you will be able to do it for a long time and be successful in it!

Raise your standards today. Start believing that you will succeed in whatever you are starting.

If you have been doubting about starting your own business online, now is the time to start taking action. Join Wealthy Affiliate for free and go through all the courses provided for you. As a free member, you will also be given 2 free websites and 10 courses to start your internet marketing journey.

If you like this article, drop me a comment and share this article.

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Your Belief Determines Your Success

I came across a rather interesting image and I would like to share with you.



From the short story above, it is a wake up call for us who dare not chase our dreams, procrastinate and eventually fail before we obtain our goal.


If Thomas Edison’s mother believed his teacher and he transferred that belief to him, we might still be living in darkness! It is their belief, their hardship, not accepting failures as failure but as a motivation for success, their persistence which had led Thomas to be someone so successful that he changed the world!


Let’s emulate Thomas Edison, let us learn from our failures, let us not be influenced by other people who puts us down when we tell them we are into internet marketing, let us show the non-believers that we will be able to build our business online and succeed and gain financial freedom!


Got a story to share, leave it in the comment section! Share this story with others too!




Setting up a business with traffic exchanges and mailers is something I am doing and am passionate about but if that is not suitable for you, you can learn how to build a business online with Wealthy Affiliate too. Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate (100% FREE)

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Getting Sign Ups the Effective Way

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Have you ever been in this situation before; there’s a new program which promises great commissions and you want to be a part of it. You create your own splash page / use the generic affiliate page, concentrated all your efforts into promoting it, bought extra traffic to promote it but you didn’t get even one sign up? And yet, in the referral leaderboards, you will be able to see other people getting up to 100 referrals?


I know I have been there…MANY TIMES… and the funny part was this, I do not see those top referrals promoting those sites on traffic exchange or mailers. Even if they did, I only saw a few solo ads on those pages, and that kind of traffic will not bring any sign ups (based on my personal experience) when everyone is promoting the same thing at the same time!


I stepped back and started thinking. Finally, I realized something similar to those who always take the lead in referral contests, they are people who have already built their list to a large amount and all they needed to do was send their message to their list!


In usual circumstances, people will usually join from these messages. The main reason that one has remained as a subscriber means that they trust their upline. The confidence is there. If my upline who has helped me out recommended me a program, I will be more inclined to join because I know that his recommendations will seldom go wrong. This will lead me to take the leap of faith of joining the new program and upgrading in it!


All this is only possible if you have a list to begin with. This brings back to my blog post which I have recently written where I have said that the first step to online success is to start building your own funnel! It is only when you start building a list that you can build a relationship with your subscribers and this will lead them to have confidence in you. When they have confidence in you, only then will you be able to recommend them tools which you think will be able to help them and you will realize by doing this, it is so much easier to get sign ups effortlessly!


Have you started building your own list? If you have not, I will suggest you to do so. You will need an autoresponder to do so and I am personally using Traffic Wave. You might want to check out Traffic Profit Pro (pro member section) where you will be taught to integrate your Traffic Wave account with it to start building your list!

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The Money Making Page

Here’s another post on why it is important to have set up your own funnel for your business. Many a times, marketers are put off with building a list because they do not earn up front cash! Without income coming in, it is not easy to stay motivated to build your list. This is a common struggle.


I am here to share my personal experience on how I usually get sign ups for a program which I want to promote. I do not promote the program’s affiliate page directly on advertising sites, rather, I continue promoting my own squeeze page to build my list. There is however one small modification which I will do to my marketing campaign.


If you have submitted your details to a multiple of lists, I am sure you will notice one thing. Every time you submit your details, you will be brought to a “Thank You” page and whenever you verify your email address, you will be brought to a “Confirmation” page. These are the pages or rather time that your prospects appear to be more responsive. Usually, I will just put up a banner on the program I want to promote on these pages and I usually get sign ups by using this method. Besides that, I find this method more effective than promoting affiliate pages directly! Do not waste this opportunity to build sign ups in your programs because these pages will help you earn your up front cash to sustain your marketing campaign.


The program which I like to promote on this page is Traffic Profit Pro. It is a good traffic exchange training site with a lot of valuable tips and it is very easy to earn from this site. Even for free members, you will be rewarded with cash at the end of the week if you have brought in at least 2 referrals. You will earn more the more referrals you bring in and will be doubled if you are upgraded. You will also be rewarded for promoting and making a sale. I will recommend you to use Traffic Profit Pro as your program to earn up front cash.


If however you are not building your list, you can still utilize the power of thank you pages by using TY Ad Network! Join TY Ad Network now and find out the amazing opportunity which awaits you.

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