How to Earn 6 Figures with Email Marketing


How to Earn 6 Figures With Email Marketing



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Is Social Media Marketing really taking over the world and should you still put in effort in Email Marketing? The answer is surely still a big fat yes! If you are unsure why you need to build an email list, read this previous article “Why You Need to Build an Email List“.

Compared to social media marketing, email marketing has an effectiveness of more than 1000% (explained in this post). This means more clicks to your websites, more visitors, and more important, more commissions from affiliate sales / CPA offers / Advertisements on your website.

The video above is a really great video where the 2 Big Sumos from AppSumo and Sumo discuss about how they generated a 6 Figure Income from One Single Email!

**Disclaimer: Before you scream scam! Do note that this success was not built overnight, but over a course of 6 to 7 years. They have a list of over 1,000,000 subscribers! With that list size and the right emails, bringing in a 6 figure income from one email is achievable.

These are my personal notes from watching the above video: How to Earn 6 Figures with Email Marketing. I hope that it will help you 🙂

Approaching Potential Clients or Prospects

If you are approaching your prospects with a salesman in mind, you are bound to fail. Instead of trying to pitch from the start, spend 10 to 15 minutes to try to understand your prospects needs.

Make them feel heard. Find out if they are the right person for your product too. For example, if you meet somebody who will only scrutinise your business and keep calling your business a scam, does not want to put in the right effort to grow their business, there is no need for you to “save that poor soul” as whatever you tell them will fall on deaf ears.

Instead, when you find the right prospects who can communicate well with you, and they voice out their concerns, be a buddy and help them out. If your product so happens match what they need, then you can recommend it to them. This approach will definitely bring you more sales and build stronger connections.

Do not pitch right from the start saying how great your product is etc. Most likely, if they are in your niche, they would have heard of your product and they already know the features. Instead, they would want to know how the said product can benefit them.

Not Sending Enough Emails

This is the question that everybody keeps asking. Many new marketers send too few emails. They are afraid that they are seen spamming. They are afraid of unsubscribes. If you are sending only 2 to 3 emails a month, most likely, you will not see good results with your email marketing campaign.

In the video, a very good analogy was used.

“If you got a phone number from an attractive girl you just met, would your wait for 1 month to call her? Most likely if you do that, she will not remember who you are!”

The same goes for email marketing. If you do not email them enough, they would most probably forgotten who you are. And when they finally received your email, you will be viewed as a spammer because they have forgotten that they have opted-in to your list.

So how frequent should you email?

In the video, it is recommended a 2 to 3 emails a week.

When they send out more emails, they realised a few things:

  1. Lifetime Customer Value increased! (People buying more from them)
  2. Open rates increased
  3. Learn what your subscribers respond to
  4. Optimise your future campaigns based on the data you gained

**Personal recommendation: 1 email a day. Every time you send an email, expect unsubscribes. It does not matter how often you mail, personal experience tells me that no matter how great content you send, people will unsubscribe.

Secondly, you will weed out those who are interested in opening your emails and those who don’t. You will have a cleaner list who wants to hear from you.

Third, if you do not send any emails, you will not make money from email marketing. A day an email is not sent is a day of money not made.

How long do you spend crafting an email

The answer was weeks. This involved creating a good content, creating content upgrades, hiring professional copywriters, testing all links are good to be clicked, correcting grammars, giving it the final touches before sending it out.

**The reason why they take weeks is because for each email, they are creating a campaign. If you are still new in email marketing, you do not need to take weeks. This will deter you from actually being able to send daily emails.

My personal recommendation is for you to have a blog of your own. When you add content to your own blog, just send an email to your subscribers to visit your blog. If you want to make money, monetise the content of your blog.

If you are struggling to create content for your blog and do not know how to monetise your blog, I would suggest you to grab Lee Murray’s Breakfast Embed course.

Inside it, you will learn an easy method to never run out of content to write, and you can literally spend less than one hour a day to churn out one great content and monetise it well.

Use a template when writing

The template proposed in the video is this:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Show them your solution
  3. Present a special offer
  4. Use scarcity when ending your email so that people will take action

There are numerous templates which you can use. Find the ones which resonates with you. Read people’s emails. Read people’s blogs. Identify how they write their articles. Follow them, then create your own.

One way I like to write my emails is via the B.A.B approach. Click here to find out more about it!

When it comes to writing emails, many new marketers will have a mental block. That will not be the case if you have 4000+ Email Swipes which you can gain access to for pennies!

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I hope that you have enjoyed this great video and the personal notes that I have made.

If you want to start building a list, you will need an autoresponder. I will recommend Aweber.

For a complete done for you system to start building your list today, try Web Copy Cat!

If you love it, comment and let me know.

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