How to Do Email Marketing For Maximum Profits

How to Do Email Marketing for Maximum Profits

Email marketing remains one of the most sustainable strategy for any niche online.

“The money is in the list”

Cliche for a reason.

It is the truth!

How about social media marketing? It is important too. But if you were to choose one strategy to focus on, I will advice you to prioritise building your email list.

Why? In my previous post “Why You Need To Build An Email List“, there is a shocking statistics by Derek Halpern, CEO of Social Triggers. Click here to see the battle between Twitter vs Email Marketing.

Basically, email marketing triumph.

So how do you do email marketing in 2017?

I came across a great video by Adam – Homemade Entrepreneur which I would like to share it with you.

Here are a few points from this informational video.

1. Basically, Adam talks briefly about an email marketing funnel. In summary…

Traffic –> Lead Capture Page –> Leads –> Autoresponder Follow Up –> Up Sells –> High Ticket Offers

This is basic and will be taught in a lot of courses. So basically you will direct all your traffic to your lead capture page which offers a lead magnet, you collect leads, and your autoresponder sends them pre-loaded emails. As you build a relationship with your audience, you subsequently promote affiliate offers to earn commissions.

Adam also talks about high ticket offers. If you have a list of 10,000 and you have a high ticket offer of $10,000, even if it converts at only 0.1%, the commissions you gain over here will be a lot more than what you earn on the front end.

This is very true and I have learned this from 2 masters.

The first is Devon Brown, owner of Web Copy Cat where he incorporates 3 high ticket offers (as of writing) for his affiliates to promote to earn big commissions.

Click Here to Check Out Web Copy Cat


The second master that taught me the same method is Dave Sharpe, the owner of the Legendary Marketer Club where he has a group of professional call sales team to close high ticket offers for his affiliates.

2. Adam discusses about traffic

There are many ways to get traffic. The ones mentioned in this video were…

– Facebook ads: Adam uses this method by targeting his audience, and directing the traffic obtained from Facebook to his lead capture page.

Do you want “Facebook Ads Mastered” for free? Click here to grab it and start bringing in thousands of leads and buyers into your business daily!

– Youtube: As you can see, Adam produces good quality videos. In the description, he always include links to his lead capture page to build his list.

I like Adam’s videos because he keeps it real. Youtube is a goldmine for organic, passive, traffic. However, if you want to really make it work for you, Adam emphasises that it will not be easy and work is required.

However, you can learn from a master, Brendan Mace where he talks about how he generate $10,000 a month with Youtube and his blog in his new course, 10 X Commissions. Click Here to Check Out 10 X Commissions

Furthermore, if you are just starting out, Adam advises to actually use Adwords to get traffic to your videos.

At the end of the day, if your video does not get traffic / views, you will not see result with this method.

– Instagram is Adam’s new favourite traffic source as he explains he gets high engagement from this traffic source.

– Adam talks a little about guest blogging. The idea is to submit quality articles to other blogs include a signature link being directed it back to your blog.

3. Email Sequence

Adam keeps this simple.

Right after a new subscriber joins your list, your autoresponder will send the first follow-up letter, containing the download link to your new subscriber.

On the 2nd day, he will resend the download link of the lead magnet just in case his subscribers miss em.

On the 3rd day, Adam will still not promote anything but he will be offering an unannounced bonus. The goal here is to build trust and relationship with his subscribers which leads to…

The 4th day, where Adam will actually recommend an affiliate offer to earn commissions.

This email model is simple but effective. Offering bonus is a good way to get your subscribers to stay subscribed to you, gets your subscribers interested in receiving your emails, and furthermore, will be more responsive when you actually have something to promote.

The problem is, many new marketers do not know how to craft a bonus (crafting a lead magnet is tedious enough). However, do you for a moment think that top marketers spend a lot of time to craft these bonuses?

There are many tools which can do just that and takes less than 5 minutes and one such tool is Easy Bonus Builder.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of Easy Bonus Builder.

Click Here to Grab Easy Bonus Builder Today!

4. Final advises

Do not hard sell all the time.

You need to offer value to your subscribers (that’s why they opt-in in the first place).

Ask yourself this question, will you get defensive when a salesperson approach you while you are having a coffee at your favourite coffee place?

The answer is obvious…NO!

So why become somebody whom you do not like?

Be consistent. Many people fail solely for this reason…giving up too fast. I hope you are not one of them.

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