First Goal Post – The First Step To Creating Success!

a“Writing Down Your Goals is The First Step To Turn Something Invincible into Something Visible!” ~Tony Robbins


I have received questions on “How do I make money online?” and “Show me how to make money online…” from a number of my subscribers.


The goal of this post is pretty simple…It is to show you what I am doing and the goals that I am setting for myself which I know when achieved, will get me nearer to my ultimate goals – Financial and time freedom.


Having this post around will also help me focus on what I need to do at the moment. There are so many things to master in internet marketing and trying to be the jack of all trades will definitely slow one down in achieving success.


**Note to self…


If you truly want to master all aspects of internet marketing, focus on mastering one at a time before moving on to another one.


I have previously done a post on List Synergy Trifecta where it is a bundle of 3 of Lee Murray’s products. It is a very good product as the strategies in 3 of the products complement each other.


Click Here to Read The Review of Lee Murray’s List Synergy Trifecta!


I just have to tell you that it was the best bucks I have ever spent. There were so many golden nuggets in those products and if you are one of those many who are still lost and not making money online, I recommend getting your hands on List Synergy Trifecta.


The best part about these methods is…


They are evergreen!


10 years from now, these methods can still be applied in any online business and you will succeed.


Promotions aside… It is because of going through all the courses that I have a clearer focus on where I want my online business go.


Do note that these goals can change with time and


The two main aspects which I will be focusing on will be…


1. Building An Email List


2. Creating contents for my blog regularly by using the strategy I have learned from Lee Murray’s Breakfast Embed.


#1 Building An Email List


There are 2 main email list which I will be focusing on building. One is using free traffic methods and the second is using paid traffic methods.


I will explain why I am building 2 different lists below.


1a. Trafficwave Success Team


If you read the other articles on this blog, you will notice that I have joined Trafficwave Success Team since October 2016. This team provides the tools that you need to build your own email list and enrol active members into Trafficwave.


** Trafficwave is an autoresponder. An autoresponder is the tool which you will need to start building an email list. Since you are using this service, why not make the autoresponder pay you on a weekly and monthly basis? Try it out for 30 days free!


I have only been using free traffic methods to promote this system and I am having great success with it. If you are having good success with it…what do they usually say? Scale it up! In this case, I will just continue doing what I am doing. Check out Trafficwave Success Team here.


1b. Web Copy Cat


Web Copy Cat is a complete done-for-you funnel where Devon and his team has chosen high converting products for you to promote, built high converting landing pages, prepared follow up email sequence for you.


Basically, Web Copy Cat provides you a complete sales funnel for you to earn front-end commissions as well as back-end commissions.


If you are a new marketer looking for a complete done-for-you solution to build your email list while making money doing it, I will recommend Web Copy Cat.


Watch this review I made about Web Copy Cat when I first joined it to understand what it is all about.


“Now, Jin Kit, why are you building 2 different list and not focusing on one?”


Well, they say never to put all your eggs into one basket.


Furthermore, do note that I have been able to consistently earn commissions with Trafficwave on a weekly and monthly basis. I am using the commissions earned here to buy solo ads to further build my list. If you are new to solo ads, I will recommend you to get them from Udimi as you will be able to find testimonials for the buyers prior to purchasing. Click here to join Udimi.


Before I purchase solo ads, I have read a lot about the traffic and realised that many people are advocating single opt-ins when using solo ads.


That was the main reason why I did not really purchase solo ads to promote Trafficwave Success Team. I was afraid that it will not work.


I looked for other solutions and Web Copy Cat system integrates well with Aweber. I made the decision to join Aweber and test Web Copy Cat. To my surprise, I earned my first commission with Web Copy Cat within 4 days of joining and using the system. I did not look back since.


1c. Building a list with methods from WSO

8 Minutes Profits 2.0

Since I have started earning commissions, I have been purchasing WSO to enhance my knowledge.


Sure, there are a lot of information which you will be able to find on Google. However, when you purchase a WSO, you will actually discover a lot of new knowledge. The best part is this, many of them will provide case studies so that you know the methods work if done right.


One of another sizzling hot course which I have bought and would recommend it to people is Mark Barret’s and Paul Prissick’s 8 Minute Profits 2.0.


In the case study provided, the creator, Mark Barrett, showed how he used $85 dollars to gain 1000+ subscribers as well as earned $200+ from his advertising campaign.


If you do not consider that an impressive feat… I will be speechless.


I will be implementing this strategy to really have my email list be built on steroids.


*I have tried this method once and was able to gained more than 400 subscribers in one single day. Nowhere near Mark’s results, but definitely not a bad one.


However, I am determined to make this method work for me as it is so easy to scale it up once a well-oiled sales funnel is in place.


Click Here to Get 8 Minutes Profits 2.0 And Build Your List On Steroids!


2. Creating Content for My Blog


This blog has always been used for one purpose – as a means of communication with my subscribers.


The contents are never written for SEO purpose.


I write what I feel.


And that is why sometimes this blog will go on a hiatus – there will be writer’s block. I am not a very creative person by nature. If you are like me and own a blog, I am sure you know the feel…


Not really pleasant, right mate?


However, by implementing the strategy in Breakfast Embed as well as Shiny Object Lemonade, I am pretty sure that I will be able to churn out content on a regular basis.


Lee Murray Breakfast EmbedWith the Breakfast Embed strategy, Lee Murray actually challenges his readers to churn out 250 pieces of content by the end of 1 year from reading Breakfast Embed!




Not accepted… (LoL)


But I will reduce it to at least 1 piece of content a week, Breakfast Embed style.


So basically, I will focus on building my email list as well as creating content for my blog.

Lee Murray Shiny Object Lemonade



In between, I will purchase WSO’s which will help me build my list faster (for example, Percy George exposes how he was able to build 1000 IM leads which cost as low as $0.04 a lead!)

Using the Shiny Object Lemonade strategy, I might generate a few commissions from using the knowledge I gained from these WSOs too!


Mark Barret 60 Minute Paydays


Last but not least, for my blog content, I will utilise the knowledge which I have learnt from 60 Minute Paydays to create content. As I have mentioned, when it comes to SEO, I really don’t know how to apply it because I am unable to see the immediate results and I do not know if it is done right. So why not creat “Accidental SEO” posts with 60 Minute Paydays!

Are you an action taker?


Do you love to accept challenges?


If you love challenges and you are willing to take action, write your first goal post and once finish, leave it in the comment below!


Cheers buddy!






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