Why You Need To Build An Email List

Why You Need to Build An Email List

This is a great video from Derek Halpern from Social Triggers and if you are not building a list yet, you really need to watch the video above. This will be the video you will remember for life as it will be a wake up call for you!

If you are already building your list…CONGRATULATIONS!

But, I will suggest you to watch the video above too because you will then know the full benefits of building an email list. Some people say it just doesn’t work and give up. If you are one of them, then watch the video too! (I’m guilty as charged too but I had my wake up call much earlier!)

I will be making a summary of the video below

But first, watch this video on the 5 methods to make money online!

5 Methods to Make Money Online

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#1 Social Media vs Email Marketing

One good example that Derek actually talks about in the video above is this.

He made a new blog post. He wants to drive traffic to the new blog post. He turns to social media (he used Twitter in his example) and blast out his link. He received 300 visitors.

Not too shabby eh?

However, when he sent an email list to his subscribers (the size is about the same as his twitter followers), he received 4200 visitors to his new blog post!


14X the power!

Why is this happening?

A typical internet marketer will receive hundreds of emails a day. Too many?

Then how many new tweets, new feeds on facebook, new pictures on instagram you receive a day? Thousands of them.

Whenever I post a new tweet (You can find my account here) :D, I will immediately see 20 new tweets on top of mine within 5 seconds! Out of these tweets, users will just be scrolling, scrolling and scrolling. Having them notice your tweet is like getting a lottery. Noticing is one thing, clicking on the link to visit your website is another matter altogether.

From here, we can conclude that email marketing will get more targeted folks who are eagerly looking out for your content (if you have focused on building a relationship with them) compared to social media traffic.

#2 It is easier to build an email list than a social media following!

This is spot on.

How do you build an email list? You create a lead magnet. You set up a squeeze page. You set up your follow up letters. You focus on one thing after that, driving traffic to your squeeze page.

A typical squeeze page can produce a conversion of ~30%. Well tweaked squeeze pages can produce a conversion of 50 to 60%! For every 100 visitors you get to your squeeze page, you will be able to get 30 to 60 email subscribers!

How do you build a social media following?

I am not the expert here but from my reading, in general, this is what people do…

Add strangers with the hope that they will reciprocate back and add you as a friend or add you as a follower.

Go to targeted Facebook groups and add the members in the groups. However, you do not know of their interest and whether that account is genuine.

After adding them, send them welcome messages and hope to not be bombarded with offers right off the face.

Get added by genuine people (and also fake accounts).

Post content regularly.

Use paid ads to grow your fan page.

I do not know about you but the process of building a large and targeted social media following is not an easy task.

I am a simple minded person. Once I have a sales funnel, I only need to focus on driving traffic to my squeeze page to build my email list. Furthermore, the conversion rate is much higher by utilising this strategy.

#3 Derek shares 2 simple strategies to build an email list

This part of the video is helpful only if you have a blog with consistent traffic.

The 1st strategy involves adding your opt-in forms into the right places of your blog. One of Derek’s students was receiving 5 to 8 new subscribers a day from her blog. However, when she put it at the right places, conversions increased to 20 – 30 new subscribers a day!

So where are the places to put?

At the top of the page (or the top right of the page) and at “About Me” page. Consider using a pop up.

*Personal note :I would also like to include it at the end of my post. I also noticed some top bloggers will offer a content upgrade in the middle of a blog post. When you click to grab that content upgrade, you will be directed to a pop up to fill up your email address. This is also a good place to add your opt-in form – in a ninja way!

The 2nd strategy is to go into zen mode. Be a minimalist. What Derek means over here is to minimise the clutter on your page. He describes it as the #1 Conversion Killer!

Most people like you and me have a lot of distractions around us. And when we get distracted, we will forget the important task at hand. It is the number one reason why we are not getting things done.

Just imagine this, if you have too many links to click on your page, your readers will click on them, visit the new page, and abandon your page (for bloggers, this will be a nightmare as bounce rates will be extremely high!)

I learned this important lesson when I am building my email list. The goal of your squeeze page is to make your prospects subscribe into your list. You do not want them to click away from your squeeze page and not subscribe to your list.


Keep It Stupidly Simple

Want them to subscribe to your list? Make that the only option when your opportunity is presented to your prospects.

The take home message from this video is:

1. Building an email list is easier than building a social media following.

(Building a social media following is still as important as you need to brand yourself but it should not be the top priority)

2. Email marketing will bring you more targeted visitors compared to social media traffic

3. Always put your forms at the right place and minimise clutter as it will hurt your conversions. Derek does a very good job with Social Trigger!

How to effortlessly built a list…

There are so many programs out there which will help you reduce the learning curve to get you started.

My favourite program is Web Copy Cat!

You can watch a video review on Web Copy Cat which I have previously recorded over here to see the member’s area and what you will be getting.

The frustration that a new marketer face when building a lists are these:

1. Do not know what to promote

2. Do not know how to create a squeeze page

3. Do not know how to integrate an autoresponder with a squeeze page

4. Do not know how to get a website out to the world

5. Do now know what to write

6. Do not know how to drive traffic to your squeeze page

The reason I love Web Copy Cat is because they take care of everything for you. They tell you what to promote, they create a sales funnel for that product, and they have webinar replays for you to watch to learn to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze pages too!

Not sure how to drive traffic to Web Copy Cat? You can even pay the team to drive targeted traffic to your sales funnel where members usually report sales on a consistent basis too!

You really have nothing to lose to test drive Web Copy Cat for the first 10 days as the trial price is only $1.

Click Here to Try Web Copy Cat for $1

You will always remember this moment and your future self will always remember you for the action you are taking today.

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