The One Word That Makes People Buy…

Have you ever figured what makes people take out that credit card to buy whatever you are promoting? What if there’s a revelation about this and you only need to know the ONE WORD that makes people buy?

The One Word That Makes People Buy!

Here’s a scenario.

Tim was trying to recruit somebody into a program and have personally talked with his prospect through messenger and even via video calls too!

However, his prospects told him that he was interested but he did not have the money to join.

One week later, Tim found out that this very same prospect had joined another network marketing company and had paid 3 grand to join it!

Sounds familiar? I am sure that anyone is sales, online or offline, would have this very experience.

So what is the one word that makes people buy?

Find out more from this awesome video by my friend and mentor, Devon Brown.

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Have you watched the video?

The one word that will make people buy is none other than… VALUE!

You need to make that value of your product far outweighs the price that your prospects will gain.

VALUE > Money Spent

So, the next time you are going to sell something or recruit another prospect into your network marketing company, think of these important points.

#1 Understand who you are talking to. Are you talking to a new marketer or a more experienced one? What are they struggling with?

#2 Understand your products and how your product will be able to benefit your prospects. For example, if you are promoting a course on copywriting, one of the benefits of learning good copywriting skills is so that you will be able to sell more of your products.

#3 Your benefit does not stop there. Paint a picture of another benefit related to the benefits mentioned in #2. So what can they gain if they are able to sell more? They can quit their day job, fire their boss, spend more time with their family, prepare for emergencies etc.

What you are essentially trying to do is to make your prospects see the VALUE that they will be obtaining if they join you or buy from you.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and have gained value in it. If you have, do share it around on social media 🙂

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