Success For Network Marketers Is All Science

Network marketing is simple. Network marketing is easy. That is what everybody tells me before I started my career in network marketing, only to see the people who introduced me to the industry was struggling as well.

Having said that, there are many people who are successful in every company. And even more people who are not successful.

Now, before we put the blame on anybody or the company on why we are not successful, have we asked ourselves, have we learn the skills and the science to success for network marketing?

Have we asked ourselves why some people tend to get a lot of “Yes” from their prospects, and why do we get a lot of “No’s” from our prospects?

Is every “No” really bringing you closer to a “Yes”?

The answer is really, it depends.

If you know why you got the “No” and you know how to tweak what you did to improve your result, then you are closer to a “Yes”.

If you do not know why you got the “No” and you keep getting motivated talking to people, after 1 month, you will realize that you are in the “No Friends Left” zone.

I’ve got a good news and a bad news for you, who are reading this now.

The bad news is this, if you follow the wrong people and the wrong system, you will find yourself struggling.

The good news is this, you are 100% responsible for your own success in network marketing which means, you can choose to upgrade your skills and in the end, your success in the industry.

So start learning the science and the skills to get more success in network marketing

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