Change One Word, Change Your Results

Asking the right questions to your prospects is important.

However, the more important thing is this – asking the right questions to yourself.

Whenever most people hit a stumbling block, they will ask the “why” questions.

“Why did my prospect did not show up?”

“Why did she not want to buy when it can solve her problem?”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Let’s go for more!

“Why nobody wants to join my business?”

“Why is everybody avoiding me?”

Do you think that there is a good answer to those? And do you think this will help you to produce better results?

The short answer is this, no.

Well, there is one short hack to produce better results. By training ourselves to start asking the “How” questions.

Read the questions below, and pause. Think of your answer and you will be able to compare the answers that you have compared to your “why” questions.

“How can I ensure that my prospect turn up for the appointment?”

“How can I help my prospect solve her problem with my product?”

Now, will your brain start thinking about solutions now? With these answers, do you think you will be able to move your business forward?

Of course! So let us not stop.

“How can I add more value to my prospects so that they will want to work together with me?”

“How can I reduce no-shows?”

So, if you want to change your result, all you have to do is change one word. 🙂

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