3 Ingredients To Make Money Online


I have made a new video and I have uploaded on Youtube. It is titled: 3 Ingredients to Make Money Online. This video is inspired by Devon Brown and I created this to share this simple concept with you.

The 3 ingredients to make money online.

1. Targeted audience

You will get a targeted audience by building an email list.

2. A way to communicate with your targeted audience

You will need a tool known as an autoresponder.

An autoresponder will be used to collect the details of your prospects and you will be able to send automated follow-up letters as well as broadcast to them anytime you want.

You will be able to build a relationship with them too. Only when there is trust, only then a sale will happen.

3. A product which adds value to your customer’s business

If you have no product to sell, you will not make money. However, always choose a product where you will be able to add value to your prospects’ business.

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