4 Ways on How to Get Motivated To Build an Online Biz

4 Ways on How to Get Motivated


“It is time to start working on my online business! But I just got back from work, I need some rest, maybe I will just watch TV for a short while…” and moments later, you know where we will be going. We feel tired, we give in to our desire, we get demotivated, we lose track of building our online business.

I am guilty of the above situation many times and when I look back on those times, it is because I was lacking motivation. Saying that I am tired was just an excuse. Not seeing results from my previous day’s work make me doubt if I am wasting my time. However, below are the 4 ways on how I get motivated back to build my online business.


1. Recharge Properly

Getting motivated requires willpower. And willpower works like muscles; overwork it and you will feel the fatigue, rest it properly and it will grow and once full rested, you will be able to start a new day fresh and ready!

However, in this modern era, there are too many distractions which disturbs our rest, preventing us from recharging properly. To recharge properly, follow these 4 simple but effective ways!

– Turn off all electronics in your bedroom and stay away from screens for at least 2 hours before you hit the sack.

– Avoid consuming caffeine in the evening. It has shown to disturb quality of sleep if taken even 6 hours before bed.

-Sleep with a blindfold. Do not allow unnatural light into your room which can disturb your quality of sleep!

-Spend time doing activities that will make your body feel alive! e.g. yoga, meditation, stretching etc.


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2. Keep your body energized

We heard this phrase a lot back in our younger days, keep your body healthy to have a healthy mental state. However, as we grow up being stuck in the rat race, we tend to neglect our body. From not exercising to not eating right.

First and foremost, make sure you are eating right. Have you ever felt sluggish after a heavy meal, often resulting in you taking a nap and oversleeping? Our body spends a great amount of energy on digestion and if you eat heavy foods, you will often feel sluggish.


3. Watch or Read Something Insipirational

This is the most effective way for me and with the internet, finding something motivational to read online or a video to watch online is so easy.

Just head on to youtube and type in the famous figures who play a prominent role in your life. More often or so, there will be interviews and these videos can give you the jolt to get you to put away procrastination. Figures who have great influence on me are Tony Robbins and Jack Ma.


4. Speak to Someone

Sometimes, all you need is to get your ideas out of your own head. You just need someone who believes in you and what you are doing, and all you need is a listener. It can be your best friend or your close family member.

For example, I was on the fence on starting my own membership site because of the unknown but after letting it out to my best friend, he was fully supportive on it and I went on to create my first membership site.

However, you have to choose your listener / advisor properly. Do not find somebody who only pass on negative comments on what you do. This can backfire your strategy to stay motivated, unless you are the kind of person who will take those negativities and turn them into your fuel for success!

Do you have any other ways to stay motivated when you are feling lazy and tired? Leave it in the comments!


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