5 Reasons Why 95% of Affiliate Marketers Fail Online

In this article, you will discover the 5 main reasons why affiliate marketers fail online. If you want to build a successful affiliate marketing business online, it will be very important for you to read this article πŸ™‚


5 Reasons Why 95% of Affiliate Marketers Fail Online


Fact #1 – Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business

Fact #2 – Affiliate marketing is easy to start

Fact #3 – You do not need to create products, have an inventory, deal with support and refunds

I think the above 3 reasons are why most people eventually choose affiliate marketing as their choice of making money online. Most people who come online do not have a service to offer, do not know how to create products, and they just want to do it on a side business for now.


And I do not think it’s because they do not have the tools available to them.

Instead of focusing on the technical aspects, let us dive straight into the 5 reasons why affiliate marketers fail online or you can watch the video and support my Youtube channel here.

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First Reason Affiliate Marketers Fail Online – Not having enough patience

Most affiliate marketers who come online just do not have enough patience to WATCH THEIR BUSINESS GROW. 

Most people CLAIMS that they know it’s a long term business, but comes online for one week and they move on.


This is the same as setting up a new kiosk selling drinks, feel that it’s not worth the effort, and they close down the kiosk claiming that they do not earn enough. On the other hand, you see new startups who grew to have franchises all over the world, and it all started with ONE kiosk.

If you have been following this blog, you will know that I will recommend building an email list because your email list will be your top prize asset which will give you your long term income.

Just a story I picked from one of the members of Web Copy Cat, I read it from the Facebook group but I can’t find the post now. Let’s call the member Bob.

Bob built his email list and he was emailing his list everyday. He was not making commissions initially. After about 40 days of constantly emailing his list, he finally made his first commission! How much? 300 bucks!


If he did not have the patience to follow through on what he was taught, he would not have seen the 300 bucks commission and he will be like everyone else – claiming that affiliate marketing just do not work!

Second Reason Affiliate Marketers Fail Online – Not Focused On One Thing

The “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Unless you are applying what you learn in Shiny Object Lemonade, not being focused on one program UNTIL YOU SUCCEED with it will be your biggest downfall.

Far too many people join a program, get involved with it for a week or a month, and claim that it doesn’t work…while many people who are with the program, are making commissions consistently.

Want to know the cold hard fact?

If you do not take the time to learn the right strategies, no matter what biz opp you join, you will not succeed.

The only way you are going to be successful is to learn marketing the right way and I believe that there are a lot of courses / programs which will teach you that.


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Third Reason Affiliate Marketers Fail Online – Not Focusing On Providing Valuable Information




I am not asking you not to pitch, because if you do not pitch, you will not make any money. However, there needs to be a balance between pitching as well as providing valuable content. Besides that, there are ninja ways to pitch so that your prospects will love you πŸ™‚

Study great email marketers (personally, I feel that Ben Seattle, Igor Kheifets, Michael Cheney are great) – they pitch in every email.

But their readers keep going back to them, and they consistently make commissions!

You will notice that they are always providing value to their readers, whether it is information that you can act on or infotaining / edutaining (basically it’s information + entertainment). 

And then there are video marketers who are always providing value to their community where they eventually build up their subscriber base as well as their email list.

They are always providing valuable content to their marketplace in their own method. It can be creating a product, creating videos, writing blog posts, giving value in social media etc.


They are CONSTANTLY providing value to their audience and you need to do this in order to build trust with your prospects to turn them into loyal customers!

Fourth Reason Affiliate Marketers Fail Online – Not Believing That It Will Happen For Them

Many people create limiting believes for themselves in this aspect. They do not believe that affiliate marketing will work for them and this is the main reason affiliate marketers fail online.

My only advice to overcome this is to hustle and go get that first commission! The first affiliate commission that you receive is the most important and unforgettable one of all.

It is the validation that all new marketers need that making money online is possible.

I remember making my first commission with a PTC site – a $1 but it serves as a good validation. I then invested in a Traffic Exchange course, and started making money from the upgrades of that course, from upgrades of traffic exchanges as well as my autoresponder. That led me to believe creating multiple streams of income online is possible πŸ™‚

And I never look back.

Watch this video on Lee Murray’s experience of generating his first $26 commissions online and how it had led him to consistently generate 3 to 4 figures a day with affiliate marketing.

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You need to firmly believe that making money online is possible when you do the right thing.

If you have doubts on making money online – most likely is because you do not have enough knowledge on it yet. It’s the same. 

My advice is simple, simply invest in yourself. Invest in time to build up your knowledge. Invest in courses to learn up skills that other marketers use.

And more importantly – apply what you learn πŸ™‚

Fifth Reason Affiliate Marketers Fail Online – Don’t understand the HUSTLE that goes into it.

Affiliate marketing is simple!

Build a funnel, send traffic to the funnel, and create sales!

Yes! It is a simple concept.

However, it is NOT EASY and it comes with a lot of hard work – this applies to anything you try to do online.

When you are building a business, offline or online, you need to hustle. 

Blogging creates time.

Creating videos take time – and that is why I will appreciate it if you can show some love to my Youtube channel here.

Prospecting and networking takes time.

Building funnels take time.

Writing emails take time.

Setting up ads and maximising takes time as well as knowledge.

Everything requires you to hustle and stay consistent.

If you are not willing to set aside a specific amount of time to build your online business everyday, this is not for you. Getting a second job to generate more income will be better for you πŸ™‚

So continue hustling!

Summary on Reasons Affiliate Marketers Fail Online

The 5 main reasons affiliate marketers fail online are:

  1. Not having enough patience
  2. Not focusing one one thing
  3. Not focusing on providing value
  4. Don’t believe that it will happen
  5. Don’t understand the hustle that comes with it.

Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments! If you have any story that you would like to share, do it in the comment too!

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