5 Things You Need to Make Money Online With Any Business Opportunities Or Affiliate Marketing

5 Things You Need to Make Money With Any Business Opportunities and Affiliate Products

Many people struggle with making money online. The problem is this, most people do not have a clear vision of how to succeed.
Here, I want to share with you the 5 things you will need to be able to make money with ANY business opportunities and affiliate products.
Before you start screaming scam…

Here what this post is not about:


1. It is not a get rich quick post

2. If you are looking to make money with these 5 things by tomorrow, it will be IMPOSSIBLE

3. It is not for those who are looking for a job

4. It is not for freebie seekers

If you are…

1. Serious in building an online business

2. Willing to invest time and money

3. Willing to take action

Then you will benefit greatly from this post, 5 Things You Need To Make Money Online 🙂

Without further ado, I present to you one of my favourite mentor, Devon Brown

Video : 5 Things You Need to Make Money Online With Any Business Opportunity And Affiliate Products

If you want to build a huge ass email list:

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed the video above.

Here are the key takeaways from this video

1. You need a big email list

In the video, Devon has talked about having a list of 100,000 which has took him years to build.


Not days.

And that is why I say that this is a business. It takes consistent action to grow a list to 100,000

2. You need realistic expectations

Far too many people have unrealistic expectations.

That includes:

1. I have built my list of 1000, why am I not making $1000 a month.

2. I have sent an email, why are my open rates and click rates so low?

3. Why is nobody buying from my emails?

If you are asking the above questions, it just means that you have not understood the business fully.

Before asking these questions, reflect on yourself first.

1. Do you open every single emails you received?

2. Do you click on every link in every email?

3. Do you even buy from every email?

Reflect on this. The answer is most likely a big fat no. And you will realise that the percentage of opens / clicks / buy from you email will almost be similar with the percentage you are opening / clicking / buying from other emails.

3. Build a relationship with your list

This is why building a business takes time, even years.

Devon explained that he not only have an email list of 100,000+, he has taken time to build a relationship with his list.

He took time to brand himself.

He took time to create content such as the video above.

People know, like, and trust Devon.

Thus, when he emails his list, people will open and click and buy from his list.

Compare that to a marketer who claims to have bought a million emails and blast them emails hoping to get some sales, in your opinion, who will have better results?

4. Knowledge of What to Mail Your List and How To Mail Your List

Devon shares that he understands what his list wants.
And this has developed from Devon mailing consistently to his email list.

Over time, he was able to see what kind of products his list loves and buys.

With this knowledge, when there is a product he comes across which fits the interest of his list, he will then send them an email about it.

5. Patience

Success is a process, not an event.

Far too many people try something for a week, saw no results, and just give up.

That again, just shows that you do not know how the business runs.

Things add ups over time. The small little things are not obvious. Sometimes, there are no metrics to show you the relationship that you are building.

As long as you are doing what you know will grow your business, continue doing it.

So there you go, I hope that after going through the 5 things you need to make money online, you will be able to bring your business to the next level.

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