The COLD Hard Truth About Making Money Online

If you have been online for some time now, I am sure that you will have received a lot of private messages or emails saying this… “I am broke and jobless now and I need something online which can make me rich quick (aka overnight). I need to start making money online to pay my bills.”

I used to have difficulties in helping them because of one main reason…I know that the free route is a much difficult road to walk and making money online for free is not as easy as what is hyped up to be.

Fortunately, my friend and mentor, Devon Brown put up this message which I think the whole world interested in making money online have to hear.

I am sure that I will be bombarded for sharing this but the truth is the truth and you may not like it. However, this is for the greater good 🙂

So here is the video. Enjoy it!

I hope that this does not destroy your dreams of making money online.

When you come online to make money, you need to have a shift of mindset. You are not looking for a job. Instead, you are looking to build a business online.

Thus, do not approach somebody and say that you are looking for a job.

Do not approach somebody and say, if I join your program, will I be able to make $1000 in the next 3 days.

Just imagine this, if somebody is going to pitch something like that to you, will you not take it as a scam?

Sure, there are many marketers who are able to show you proof that they made $1000 in 3 days. There are even marketers who can show you 5 figure proofs in 3 days too! However, do not compare yourself to them.

They have been in this industry and they have the pre-requisites to be able to do that. 90% of the time, they would have built themselves a large email list. For example, Devon really saw success after building up an email list of 40,000 over the span of 3 years!

If you have an email list of 40,000 right now and you want to make $1000 over 3 days, that is very much possible, provided you have already built up a relationship with your list and you have a great program with high ticket offers allowing you to earn those huge commissions!

Thus, if you are looking for a quick way to get money to pay our bills and feed yourself and your family, getting a job is the way to go. However, if you are serious in achieving financial and time freedom, you will need to devote your time, effort, and money into building your online business.

However, if you have the money now and would like to build up your email list very fast, Devon is always ready to help you. He is offering a done-for-you list building service where he will help you to build your email list, all interested in making money online.

You will be promoting your existing network marketing company or if you are new, Devon will have programs prepared for you so that you can get started right away too!

Even if you are new, you will have 3 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching so that you will be able to learn how to monetise your list 🙂

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