Focusing On The Right Thing

FocusI am a fan of Sean Ogle’s blog as it is always motivational and educational. In his latest blogpost, How The 80/20 Principle Cost Me Over $100,000 This Year, we can learn a few lessons.


What Sean was doing wrong which cost him over $100,000 was this; he was not tracking his results. He shared that he failed to set up tracking codes to facilitate him in knowing which source brought him the most traffic and which source brought him his most conversions.


To be honest, I do not know how to install track codes on my websites to track conversions or sales. However, I do know how to track conversions of my squeeze pages. I mainly use 2 tools which make tracking a breeze. The first is Affiliate Toolbox and the second is Vital Viral Pro. Both have their own unique features but ultimately, they are able to provide tracking stats!


You Are Wasting Time And Money If You Are Not Tracking!


The second thing we can learn from that article is the price of procrastination. Do you have a desire to do something but have been putting it off for some time now? If you are like any other human, I am sure there are many things, especially when it comes to Internet Marketing where there is never a deadline.


If you have something which you have been putting off, start doing it now! The next time you need to do something, write it down on a piece of paper, and make a list. Over here, it might be filling up downline builders, making adjustments to splash pages, or even setting up your own trackers! After you have pen it down, run through the list and start getting things done! Procrastination will always be our greatest enemy to success!


If you want to make money online as soon as possible, do not procrastinate, start taking action today. For example, read the traffic report which is available inside TE Profits. Read all the articles available inside TE Profits. Start taking action today, either by promoting the crash course, or using the pro members’ lead capture system (which I highly recommend). For those of you who wanted to join My Surf Biz but have been putting it off, start completing all the steps and set up your own surf biz and start promoting it.


Remember this, nothing will happen if you procrastinate. Nothing good will happen if you never take action. It does not need to be perfect; the most important part of being online is to take action. Have a +1 attitude towards your business, aim to at least get one subscriber/sign up for your business. In the long run, you will see the effect. 😉


Last but not least, from my tracking results, I am able to know my top 3 advertising resources and I would like to share them with you.


1. Fast Cash And Traffic

2. Viral Blitz Mail

3. Wondermailer


Have fun testing them out and get more sign ups! Cheers!

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