Formula for Success Online = O___ + P_____

The formula for success online is O_____ + P______ and it is explained very well by Devon Brown in the video below. If you are in any network marketing company and you are not getting any results from it, most likely you are not doing it the right way.

The Formula For Success Online

There are many methods to get results but the proven one which has helped internet marketers to get insanely good results has always been one form of strategy.

If you are not getting results with whatever you are doing, STOP.

It is time to rethink your strategy.

Don’t think short term, think long term and watch the video below first 🙂

Are you ready for the formula to success online? I’m sure you are.


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I hope that you have watched the video and you have gained some revelation 🙂

So now that you know the formula for success online, let me share my personal thoughts on this 🙂

Devon’s personal story has always stuck with me and it serves as a good reminder on my business strategy.

Sure, in the short term, it is not easy to generate a positive ROI but if you can keep this in mind, understanding the “Lifetime Value of A Customer”, you will definitely make a killing with email marketing

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It is all about preparing for that next big launch. Do not worry if you have missed out on great launches because why worry about it if you are not prepared for it and you will be losing money on it rather than making a positive ROI from it?

The term is to PREPARE.

What should you prepare? You should be BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST starting today and BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP with your email list.

As mentioned before in the 3 ingredients you need to succeed, you will need an offer, an audience, and a tool to communicate with your audience.

The most difficult part is to get your TARGETED AUDIENCE. Most of the time, when you are advertising via PPC, native ads, social media, the audience there are COLD TRAFFIC who does not know you, who does not give a damn on what you have to offer.

To build a TARGETED AUDIENCE, the best way is to BUILD YOUR OWN EMAIL LIST and develop a relationship with them. Those who are constantly opening your messages and clicking on your links will be the ones who will always want to hear from you. You will get much better results with that.

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So stop PROMOTING BLINDLY and start building up your TARGETED AUDIENCE today 🙂

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