The Lesson We Can Learn From FTC Halting Digital Altitude

FTC Obtains Court Order Halting Digital Altitude

You can read more about it here

If you are in the Internet Marketing space, this is the hottest story of all right now. Digital Altitude is a network marketing company which provides a platform for marketers to sell their high ticket programs to earn the big bucks.

Well, this post is not about bashing DA or “I told you it is a scam”.

This post is all about learning.

So what can we learn from FTC halting Digital Altitude?

1. We should be building your own brand first

The #1 mistake with most internet marketers is they live and breathe their network marketing company.

This is something that you would want to avoid.

When it comes to building a real business online, the #1 brand you should be promoting is none other than…


Yes! The same person you see in the mirror everyday!

It does not matter whether its social media marketing / youtube marketing / email marketing. What you want to do is to create a strong brand of yourself.

You can read more about it in this previous post where I talked about attraction marketing.

2. The secret formula to succeed with any business opportunities

Previously, I have shared a video by Devon Brown where he talked about the formula for success.

O____ + P______ = success

It basically stands for “Opportunity” + “Preparation”

Opportunity is just like your network marketing company which you are involved with.

For example, when Digital Altitude was first introduced, the big earners had one thing in common…

Their “Preparation” has been completed.

What do I mean by preparation?

They had taken their time to build their email list and most of them definitely would have already crossed the 10,000 mark and had built a relationship with their list.

They spent time as well as money to build that list.

Because they understood one thing:

The NEXT BIG THING will definitely come.

And they are preparing for it.

Key Takeaway From FTC Halting Digital Altitude

The key takeaway we can learn from FTC halting Digital Altitude is:

1. Build your own brand

2. Build your own list first

Business opportunities will always come and go.

Your brand will always stay.

Your email list will always be around.

And the smartest thing you can do is to build your email list first. Yes, it will take you time and money but this is the smartest investment you can make!


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2. Earn Easy Commissions

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Besides that, the Facebook group is a really helpful place to learn. At this point of time, if you were to go through the group’s past comments and content, you will find a wealth of information there as well as helpful individuals too!

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**EDIT : FTC is going after MOBE too! But the same story applies 🙂

Build your list and brand first and you will not need to worry for your whole life.

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