Getting Sign Ups the Effective Way

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Have you ever been in this situation before; there’s a new program which promises great commissions and you want to be a part of it. You create your own splash page / use the generic affiliate page, concentrated all your efforts into promoting it, bought extra traffic to promote it but you didn’t get even one sign up? And yet, in the referral leaderboards, you will be able to see other people getting up to 100 referrals?


I know I have been there…MANY TIMES… and the funny part was this, I do not see those top referrals promoting those sites on traffic exchange or mailers. Even if they did, I only saw a few solo ads on those pages, and that kind of traffic will not bring any sign ups (based on my personal experience) when everyone is promoting the same thing at the same time!


I stepped back and started thinking. Finally, I realized something similar to those who always take the lead in referral contests, they are people who have already built their list to a large amount and all they needed to do was send their message to their list!


In usual circumstances, people will usually join from these messages. The main reason that one has remained as a subscriber means that they trust their upline. The confidence is there. If my upline who has helped me out recommended me a program, I will be more inclined to join because I know that his recommendations will seldom go wrong. This will lead me to take the leap of faith of joining the new program and upgrading in it!


All this is only possible if you have a list to begin with. This brings back to my blog post which I have recently written where I have said that the first step to online success is to start building your own funnel! It is only when you start building a list that you can build a relationship with your subscribers and this will lead them to have confidence in you. When they have confidence in you, only then will you be able to recommend them tools which you think will be able to help them and you will realize by doing this, it is so much easier to get sign ups effortlessly!


Have you started building your own list? If you have not, I will suggest you to do so. You will need an autoresponder to do so and I am personally using Traffic Wave. You might want to check out Traffic Profit Pro (pro member section) where you will be taught to integrate your Traffic Wave account with it to start building your list!

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