How to Build Your Own Online Business, Not Others

Build Your Own BusinessCarefully read through these 2 scenarios and digest the information which I am trying to give:

Scenario 1:

You spend hours day in and day out promoting a certain program. You are getting a number of referrals for the program, however, your referrals seem to be inactive and they seem to remain so forever. These referrals were not helpful in building your business. However, you have helped the owner of the program to build his/her business. Even though they seem to remain inactive in that particular program, the owners have gained access to be able to mail them whenever they want promoting their products.

Scenario 2:

Before promoting any program, you focus on building your list first. When you get 100 people into your list, only 20 of them join your primary program. The remaining 80 of them did not join. However, you will still be able to send them information about other products/programs and they are still your potential customers. You got your own list, you still have your referrals in your primary program, and you are still able to communicate and promote to the remaining 80 prospects who did not join your primary program.

So, take a time to answer this question; Are you building your own business online? Or are you building someone else business.

The simple answer to the title is this; If you want to build YOUR OWN online business, start by building a list.

By having your own list, you will have your own customer base you can contact anytime. In the real world, whenever you register for a membership in certain stores to get certain discounts, you are required to fill up information of yourself so that these stores will have a means of communicating with you whenever there is a new promotion, e.g.: via SMS, Whatsapp, Emails, Social Media etc. Similar to the online world, networking is very importatnt and list building has remained as one of the most effective marketing strategy top marketers are applying.

So if you are serious about building an online business, if you are serious about having a long term income online, and if you are serious about achieving financial freedom online, start building your own online business, start building your own list first!

So, choose your best affiliate product and learn how to use an autoresponder to build your list. If you start today, I can guarantee you that when you look back to this day one year later, you will be grateful and thankful that you chose to take the first step to build your own list.

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