How to Get More Referrals

How to Get More Referrals

Since October 2016, I have been using Trafficwave Success Team to get more referrals for Trafficwave and the results are pretty amazing.

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Since using this system, I have managed to get into the top 5 commission earner and I am consistently on the top when it comes to earning Fast Track Bonuses as well as recruiting.

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Often, I receive emails from my downlines who ask me if they are doing anything wrong as they are unable to recruit new members.

Just a short introduction, Trafficwave is an autoresponder and I must say that the unique selling point for Trafficwave is the fixed cost of $17.95 per month no matter how big your list grows. However, it is not the only autoresponder I am using as it does not allow single opt-in.


Email Marketing

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So why do you need an autoresponder? You need it to build your email list. It has been proven from time and time again that email marketing is one of the most profitable strategy you can adopt to increase sales and get more referrals for any program you are in. In fact, there has been statistics to show that email marketing can bring a ROI of 4300%!

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Ever since I started internet marketing, I have heard a lot of things like “make your autoresponder pay you”. Since you are using the tool in your business, why pay for the service when you can earn from that said service by recommending it to your peers.

And that was the reason I joined Trafficwave Success Team…to get more referrals for Trafficwave and make my autoresponder pay me. With Trafficwave Success Team, the creator, Tsunehiro, will help you to create your system from you landing pages to the autoresponder letters, to teaching you to promote. The method of promoting is via using safelists. And that has been what I have doing, use safelist to promote.

However, as I wanted more success, I did not stop there. I tried various methods to improve my results, and I want to share them with you.

How to Get More Referrals

How to Get More Referrals Tip #1 : Modify The Funnel

For the first few weeks that I was using the funnel created by Tsunehiro, I was getting decent results. Prior to promoting Trafficwave Success Team, I was getting an average of 8 to 10 leads per day with my own capture page. With the squeeze pages provided by Tsunehiro, it dropped to 2 to 5 leads per day.

One thing I do know is this: if you want to get more referrals into Trafficwave, you will need to get more people through the funnel. This means that you need to first increase the number of leads you are getting.

Thus, I created my own squeeze page and advertise my own squeeze page. More than that, I have made my own thank you page (to increase the number of people actually confirming their email address) and my own confirmation page (to increase the chance of people joining Trafficwave and Success Team once they confirm their email address on the front end)

How to Get More Referrals #2 : Engage

When you are in network marketing, do not expect people to join what you have to offer from the start. You need to engage with them.

You need to get them to know, like, and trust you before they will even take notice of what you are currently working on.

Remember this: people join people

Once you get them on your list and as they go through the autoresponder letter sequence, broadcast to them on a regular basis. I will recommend once a day. If you are afraid that you are bugging them too much…don’t be. They have subscribed to your list. They want to hear from you. The point is this…you will want to bug them so that they will not forget you. Once they forget you, you will lose your prospect for life because they will just unsubscribe from you.

I see some of my downlines participating in the Trafficwave monthly co-op. It is a good method to bring in new Trafficwave members…but if you want them to stay as a loyal customer of Trafficwave (so that you can continue to earn commissions), reach out to them. You will get notified when you obtain a new Trafficwave referral and there will be an email address. What you need to do is to message them personally and offer your help. Ask them if they know how to use Trafficwave and offer your assistance.

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How To Get More Referrals Tip #3 : Provide Value

Have you heard of attraction marketing? If you have not, read this post about attraction marketing because it will help you to get more leads and more referrals for whatever you are promoting online.

The main thing about attraction marketing is not about pitching. It is about providing value. And when you provide enough value, you will find your prospects hunting you down for more information on what you are doing.

So how can you provide value?

Write a short report. For example, I have written a short report on Trafficwave and Trafficwave Success Team and I distribute it out for free. When you do this, you will make people remember you. And when they trust you, you are bound to have them looking for you to join your business. You can obtain the same report by opting-in to the form below:

Start a blog. Find good content and blog about it. After each post, broadcast to them and let them know about it. As you build your readership, you will find yourself getting more leads, and subsequent more referrals too! You can learn more about blogging from Wealthy Affiliate.

There are many ways you can provide value. Don’t focus on the money, but focus on helping people out first. You can read more about it here.

How to Get More Referrals Tip #4 : Be The Leader

What I love about Tsunehiro is the advice he has given in the autoresponder letters. I cannot remember the words exactly but it is along the line of using Tsunehiro’s system to start off and eventually, when you learn and grow, you will be able to create your own system.

Tsunehiro is the team leader for Trafficwave Success Team. But this should not stop you from being the leader of your own small group. Be the leader to your email list. Show them what you are doing, share with them other member’s results. Give them extra marketing materials to boost their results.

One example is I share my squeeze pages with my team members (including my downline’s referrals.) The key is to have the abundance mindset. Do not be afraid to share within your own team.

**If you join my Trafficwave and Trafficwave Success Team under me, you will get 2 squeeze pages which has worked well for me 🙂 I have created another set of squeeze page for my own personal use and I am letting my members benefit from my squeeze pages.

Trafficwave Success Team

Click Here to Join Trafficwave Success Team and Start Enrolling 10 + Trafficwave Members A Month!

If you ask me specifically which method has brought in the most referrals, the answer to that is…I don’t know. I believe that the success is the accumulation of all the little things that you do on a daily basis.

If you know of other methods to get more referrals, do share them in the comments below 🙂

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