How To Make Money With Traffic Exchanges

Many people who come online quickly realize one thing; whatever they do online, they need traffic! When they google for free traffic, they will definitely be introduced to traffic exchanges! Realizing this, traffic exchanges are a very good place to make money! There are many people new to Internet Marketing using traffic exchanges and they are very eager to learn whatever they can to make money online!


Marketing is about knowing your target market. People who uses traffic exchanges are searching for ways to make money. Thus, all you need to do is to show them the proper steps to make money! The best way to educate your prospects on how to make money would be by sending them courses or informative emails. While helping them out, they will be using the tools that you are recommending and you will be earning commissions.


Having said that, you need to be helping your prospects to be successful too! When they are making money online, they will continue using those tools and earning you passive income. They will not mind paying for these services as they need it and use it to make money online.


All the above can only be achieved if you have means to communicate with your prospects. This includes needing to know their details so that you will be able to contact them and you need a tool like a telephone or newsletter to communicate with them. This can be achieved with what is known as an autoresponder! With an autoresponder, you will be able to collect your prospects’ details and you will be able to send pre-scheduled e-mails to them. You can even send them e-mails whenever you want to! Do beware of spam as nobody likes spam. Don’t do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.


Thus, the most effective way (from my personal experience) to make money with traffic exchanges is by building a list. There are many autoresponder services out there but I personally am using Traffic Wave and I have not encountered any problems with it. Another reason I am using Traffic Wave is because I am able to integrate it with 2 of my main business, TE Profits and My Surf Biz.


Building a list is another complex subject if you are new to internet marketing (who wasn’t new?). It involves doing a lot of things; writing e-mails, setting up squeeze pages, setting up thank you pages, looking for a bait to give away etc. These process takes a few days and even up to weeks or months! However, if you realize the importance of list building and setting up a sales funnel, then I would suggest the following. They are the steps which I did.


1. Join Traffic Wave.

2. Join TE Profits and take any upgrades on the OTO. Partner would be best as it is only $27 and enables you to earn 75% commission. Another option is to join My Surf Biz.

3. Set up the lead capture system for which is only accessible to pro members. I was able to do this with no html skills when I first started out.

4. Join Fast Cash and Traffic and take any upgrades comfortable to you. This step is important because this is the program which will make you your upfront cash.

5. After setting it up, promote those pages! (Knowing how to promote is important but we will look into this subject in other post some other time)


This was how I started building my list and in the second month of following TE Profits, I made back my investment through commissions from TE Profits and Fast Cash and Traffic and since then, I haven’t taken out extra money to pay for upgrades and my Traffic Wave.


Later on only did I add My Surf Biz into my marketing strategy which was also another program which has gotten me success. However, if you are just starting out, concentrate on promoting only one program. Consistency is the key to success. This means no program hopping chasing the next big thing and consistently promoting.


Have you made money online? Share them with readers over here in the comment box.


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