How To Make Referrals More Active…

Are you frustrated of getting referrals but they are not doing anything?

Yes, this happens most of the time. No matter what programs you promote, I am confident when I say that most referrals will remain inactive/dormant. There are a few reasons to it.

1. They are members of most of the programs in the downline builder. Thus, you do not get referrals in the programs listed even though they have filled up their referral id’s.

2. They have something to promote at the moment and they put MSF on hold.

3. They just join to evaluate the program.

4. They join but don’t even bother to verify their accounts / log into their accounts.

There are many other reasons behind it. We will not be able to control how they are going to act once they have join under you but there is a role for you to help make them become more active.

Often times, many marketers are hoping that they could be reached out. They are clueless on a lot of things, from what a traffic exchange / mailer is, what a downline builder is, the best way to proceed with your program, how to advertise etc. You just need to reach out to them, guide them, and with time, you will notice that the number of active referrals will increase.

How do you reach out to them? Some programs like Marketing Success Funnel provides you with details of your downline. Send them a welcome email and just let them know that you are around if they are facing any difficulties. When you offer it to them, they will be more inclined to look for you for solutions. Help them out, provide them value, let them know that they can trust you. When you do that, they will follow your guidance, they will be active, they will join your cause, and your referrals and you will build a passive income together.

Remember this: Your success depends on your downlines, especially long term successes.

So reach out to them today, send a welcome email, build relationships with them and you will notice that your marketing campaigns will receive a significant boost.

Another method is via building a list. When you build a list, you will be loading your autoresponder with pre loaded follow up letters. This way, when your prospects sign up for your list, they will receive follow up letters from you. Craft them so that they feel that it is personal and always let them know that they can contact you. This way, it is much more automated and will be time saving for you. Besides that, you will be building your own list, your own business.

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