How to Sell More : The BAB Approach by Derek Halpern


How to Sell More : The BAB Approach by Derek Halpern


If you want to make money online…you will need to learn one essential skill –SELLING.

Selling on the internet is a dream job.

When you sell online, you can do it with just one page.

You can do it with just one properly structured sales funnel.

The main selling will be done with one tool – WORDS.

If you direct people to your webpage, you need to use words to convince people to take out their credit card to purchase from your site.

If you are building your list, your email content will be doing the selling for you.

However, if you are not a trained copywriter, just like me, you will find that selling with your writing is not an easy task to do.

In this video, Derek Halpern, the CEO of Social Triggers, shares his 3 steps to increase your chances of making a sale online using only….

Did you think I was going to say words?


The answer is STORY!

The 3 steps to a perfect sales pitch online takes the B.A.B approach.




When you master this, you will be able to write better emails to sell more, better Facebook posts for more engagement, create better content videos which will be more engaging and related to your audience.

So let’s get down to what B.A.B is about.

In the video, Derek mentions that if you want to create a more engaging content (to make people to click your link, comment on your post, share your content), you need to paint a picture of a BEFORE world.

This BEFORE world is a world filled with pain and problems and it is a world that your prospects DO NOT want to live in.

You will be comparing this BEFORE world with an AFTER world which is a safe haven for your prospects.

When we apply this simple principal, people will naturally start to think…”How do I go from this BEFORE world to an AFTER world.”

Derek Halpern illustrates this point with one example.

In one of his previous success email marketing campaign (click here to read Why You Need to Build An Email List), he shared a story of his nightmare hotel experience.

He told his readers about the BEFORE world where he mentioned all the things wrong with his experience he has experienced. The room…the staffs…the malfunction of appliances….the whole creepiness of the atmosphere…

And he went to the AFTER world where he says “Thankfully, I have built a business where it has allows me to build a life that I want and got another hotel room last minute without worrying about the price.”

Did you see the 3rd element of B…Bridge, in action here.

Derek has compared the BEFORE world which is the horrible experience of the nightmare hotel with the AFTER world which is a very big contrast and he has used a BRIDGE which is his online business enabling him to not worry about the price anymore.

Do you want higher click through rates?

Do you want more people to read your copy?

Do you want more people to buy?

Start using the B.A.B approach today.

Be engaging.

Increase your sales starting today!

Leave a comment below and share your B.A.B approach which you have applied (or will be applying) – affiliate links allowed too!

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