4 Types Of Subject Lines To Increase Email Open Rates!

How to Increase Email Open Rates

How to Increase Email Open Rates?

Let’s face it, the number one factor in email marketing is getting your emails opened. If you do not get your emails opened, your emails will not be read, your links will not get clicked, you will not be able to send people to your blog / website, you will not be able to promote affiliate offers. So read on to find out how you can increase email open rates 🙂

So what affects email open rates?

This just goes back to basics.

  • Make sure that your emails does not go into spam folder. So write your emails properly and don’t make it look and sound like spam.
  • What is the first thing your readers will see when they receive an email? The subject line. Your subject line will determine if your readers will either open or ignore or delete your emails. Having a good subject line is the most crucial way to increase your email open rates.

In this post, we will be talking about crafting the perfect subject lines to increase email open rates.

I have found a good video on the education to increase email open rates.

I hope you have enjoyed the video.

As a recap, here are some personal notes on the 4 good kinds of subject lines you should be using to increase email open rates.

#1 Blind or Curiosity…

This will pique the interest of your reader. The aim is to get your readers curious to find out a particular answer that you are asking.

For example: 1,322,956 clicks from one traffic source…

#2 Direct or Benefit

This subject lines will directly tell your readers exactly what information they will obtain from opening up your email.

For example: generate traffic on demand.

#3 Urgency or Scarcity

These subjects lines play on the human basic instincts, “The FEAR of losing out”.

Write a proper email with the sense of urgency or scarcity will force your readers to act now, works very well in getting sales too.

For example: Closing down soon

#4 Proof/Results or Creditability

People loves to see real proof from real people. That is why before purchasing a product, you will often go too Google and type “Product XYZ review” to really read if people are getting what they are paying for.

When you can generate a proof, people are more likely to open your email and more likely to buy from you too.

For example: [CASE STUDY] $188.67 from a dead list…

Remember this: The subject line is to sell the “OPEN”. Everything starts from the OPEN. Even if you have the best content in your email, if they do not get opened, you will not gain anything as an email marketer.

I love the advice given in the beginning. The best strategy is to find some subject lines templates and use those. If it works for others, it will most probably work for you too. One word of advice, make sure you have proof to back up your claims.

Another thing you should do is to split test the subject lines and determine which ones will get you the best open rates. You will be able to re-use them in the future or with other email list where you have not used them before 🙂

The above subject lines from the videos is definitely good, but why limit yourself to those templates?

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Remember…more opens = more sales = more money!

Getting more opens is good…but getting sales is even better. Knowing what to write, and how to write to get those clicks will put you in front of your competition.

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