Increasing Your Conversion With Just This Tip – Tracking

Are you wasting your hard earned credits? Are those credits you bought to advertise your webpage worth it? Which webpages are actually bringing in sign ups and sales? These questions can only be answered if you do one thing – Track your results.


Tracking is a form of technique where you will be able to know where your traffic comes from. However, in traffic exchanges, we do know where our traffic will come from, but what is pivotal is we need to know which traffic sources are actually bringing us our sign ups and sales. It is only by doing so that we will be able to focus on promoting at sites which WILL DELIVER US RESULTS.


There are downline builders which rank traffic exchanges and mailing sites based on their results but those results were obtained BASED ON THEIR CAMPAIGNS and not yours. What may work for them may not work for you. You have to do your own homework. You have to do your own testing and find out what works best for you. Those downline builders are however a good place to get recommendations.


Tracking sounds technical but if practiced, you will notice that there are actually websites where you spend hours on are not bringing you any sign ups. It is better to use that limited resource of yours to find something better and stick to those which delivers.


There are many tracking tools available online but mostly are paid ones. Most of them require you to have your own webpage to enable you to put certain code over the confirmation pages so that you will be able to track conversions. I know many of you reading this are new and that will be very overwhelming as you need to learn html, have your own webpage etc.


Vital Viral Pro has remained the only tracking tool which:

–          Members can use for free, upgrade options are available

–          Does not require you to put in any form of tracking code

–          Actually lets you know what your visitors did on your page (e.g. clicking on your main page, clicking on banners, submitting forms)

–          Has one of a kind feature to promote/brand you


If you are new, I am sure you do not have many advertising credits to your campaigns. I will recommend you to only focus on promoting ONE program and with that said, being a free member of Vital Viral Pro will be sufficient. As you have built sufficient credits up and you have the capacity to promote more than 1 program, only then it will be wise to take the upgrade at Vital Viral Pro. When you are able to promote more than 1 program, the low upgrade price in Vital Viral Prowill not pose a problem to you.


Join me In Vital Viral Pro today


It is only via tracking that I know which sites have brought me the most sign ups. Click on the link to find out which site is performing well.

Site 1     Site 2     Site 3

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