Internet Marketing Is Simple

Marketing online is not difficult. You know what needs to be done if you have been around for some time (building your list) and for you who are new; building a list when explained briefly is to collect emails of your prospects using an autoresponder service.  When you have a means of communication with your prospects, it is only then you will be able to build a relationship with your prospects and when you have gain their confidence, they will be willing to spend their money on you either buying / subscribing to your products or your affiliate products.


It is a simple concept, in fact a logical one and applied in everyday marketing. Just think of an insurance agent, they are going everywhere to look for their prospects to get them to buy a policy for them, they remember their numbers and contact them to let them know about new policies so that they will be able to make money. Building a list is actually the same concept minus the need to go around, drive around, repeating the same thing over and over again. When there is something new, you will need to only send a mail to let your prospects know about it and you need not call your prospects one by one to inform them of something new.


The idea is simple but many fail on the execution. The process of being able to obtain a big list sufficient to be financially free is a long and dull process. Day in and day out, you will be advertising and advertising and advertising to get prospects into your list. But let’s think of it in another way, in your current day job, isn’t it the same. You are doing the same routine everyday too but why are you not complaining about it? Why do you still do the same thing repetitively even if you know it is not getting you anywhere in life? However, building a list will actually allow you to achieve something everyone dreams of, financial freedom, so why do you not want to build your list on a daily basis? Do it continuously for at least 1 year and you will definitely see the results.


For example, I have been using what I have written in Success Funnel to build my list. In a span of 6 days, I have managed to pull in a total of 35 new subscribers into my list. Yes, it is not quite impressive. It’s not even 1000 not even 100, not even 50! However, think of the big picture, there is 52 weeks in a year. If I am able to consistently do it for 52 weeks, won’t I have a list of around 1500 subscribers? Does 1500 of subscribers sound a lot to you? For a beginner, yes, that sounds incredible!


So start your journey today, start using a system which actually builds you your list. If you are looking for a free alternative way, Success Funnel Guide is actually a good starting point as it shows you where you will be able to use 2 great free resources to start building your list today!


Success Funnel Guide


On the end note, there are a few programs which I will like to highlight which has contributed to the 35 new subscribers in my list in the past week.


The first is Best List Mailer.

It is a program developed by Maryanne who has a lot of advertising sites but Best List Mailer is different. For a small fee of $99 (one-time payment), you will be able to have 3 of your ads saved and it will be sent to 4 different sites on a daily basis! Yes, $99 seems expensive but from the results, it seems like it is one of the best investment I have made to this date. In 6 days, the total new subscribers which I have added to my list from the programs involved in Best List Mailer is 10. That is impressive without me doing anything except for adding my ads in this program.

Click here to Join Best List Mailer.


The 2nd program is Dynamite Explosive Mailing.

This is another mailer site which I have joined just last week and I have taken the upgrade in it (taking upgrades are worth it because it allows you to mail to the whole list with minimal effort on a daily basis). From sending mails in this site daily, I was able to add 3 subscribers into my list in the past 6 days. Don’t sound impressive again right? But if I consistently have 3 subscribers every week, that will make it 12 in a month which is actually a very good number, just from 1 site!

Click here to join Dynamite Explosive Mailing.


And also, remember to track your advertisements (I personally use Cash Track Bar) so that you will know which sites, which upgrades are actually bringing you results so you will be able to focus your money, time, and effort on these sites!

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