Leased Ad Space Review – Is it A Scam?

Leased Ad Space Review – Is it A Scam?


This is my honest review of Leased Ad Space and I have been a member of Leased Ad Space and I have been using it for 3 months now.


What is Leased Ad Space?


Leased Ad Space is a site which sells the hottest commodity online – Traffic. Without traffic, any online business will not thrive. What sets it apart from its competitor is its low entry point, a one time payment of $7. For just $7, you will be able to receive one solo ad per month (FOR LIFE!), 4000 banner ad impressions, and 2000 text ad impressions.

It does not stop there. The system is a forced 8×7 matrix system where as you purchase more packages, you will receive more banner and text ads, and the number of solo ads you will be able to send a month increases! The highest traffic package (Red Diamond) will enable you to send 1 solo ad every 48 hours (FOR LIFE), receive 55000 banner impressions (EVERY MONTH), 30000 text ad impressions (EVERY MONTH)! Imagine the advertising power you will obtain when you finally purchase the 7th tier package.


How is The Commissions Structure?


You will earn 100% commission on sales you have make. That is right! 100% commissions. This means when your tier 1 downlines buy their first traffic package, you will immediately earn back your first $7! Imagine this, get 3 sales, and you will be able to buy package 2, and that is no extra money from your part. When your referrals buy package 2, you will earn $17 commissions from each sale.

Next, you need to understand the commissions structure.

It is a forced 8×7 matrix. If you are familiar with matrices, good! If not, you will be as lost as me when I first purchased into Leased Ad Space.

Below is the matrix system in Leased Ad Space.

All members, which come in will be affiliated with your account. Your level 1 will only be filled when your referrals make a purchase. Referrals who do not purchase anything will not be added into your level 1.

What does 8×7 means? It means that you will only have 8 paid downlines in your level 1. Everybody earns only 8×7 bucks in the first level, no matter what.

What happens to the 9th paid member you brought in? This 9th member will then be assigned to be one of your referral’s level 1. After they have purchased the first advertising package, they will then be put on your referral’s level 1, but on your level 2! And at level 2, you will be able to receive 64 x 17USD!

Yes, this is known as over spill. Downlines will benefit from their upline’s efforts! And their uplines will keep promoting because they want to fill up the higher tiers as soon as possible because that is where the commissions are being made!

Furthermore, some of your downlines may continue to purchase the advertising packages even if they have not made a sale if the advertising at Leased Ad Space is performing well for them!

For example, my eventual goal is to be able to purchase the “Red Diamond” Package. Why? Because the advertising power I will obtain will boost my online business! And when I aim to reach that package, what will I do? Continuously promoting Leased Ad Space! And when I promote Leased Ad Space, my downline will benefit from my effort!

With Leased Ad Space, I want my downline to benefit from my effort because the more my downlines get paid, there will be higher possibility of them purchasing higher level packages, which will subsequently earn me more commissions!


How is the Quality of Advertising?


In Leased Ad Space, there will be 3 forms of advertising; Banner advertising, text ad advertising, and solo ad advertising.

History of my Text ad Advertising: 5000 impressions, 18 clicks, CTR of 0.36%

History of my Banner ad Advertising :
125 x 125 banners : 2500 impressions, 9 clicks, CTR of 0.36%
468 x 60 banners : 5783 impressions (ongoing), 16 clicks, CTR of 0.27%

As you are able to see, the text ads and banner ads are being clicked. Do remember that these are non-incentive based clicking and these kinds of clicking has generated me with sign ups and subscribers. The numbers are not great, but imagine having 55,000 banner impressions and 30,000 text ad impressions every month with no clicking or advertising from your side, will it help your marketing? You bet!

Now for solo ads, do take note that only paid members will be reading your ads. This means that you are advertising only to PROVEN BUYERS! Subscribers or sign ups from this site are extremely valuable. Leased Ad Space solo ads has brought me new subscribers every time I use it. It is that powerful! Imagine being able to send out these solo ads every other day with Red Diamond Package!


Growth of This Baby


My first Solo Ad I sent out was 22nd April 2016 and my current Solo Ad I sent out was 29th June 2016. The first solo ad I sent out to reached  376 paid members, and my latest solo ad I sent out reached 991 paid members. 600+ new paid members in 2 months! This site is doing very well! Of course, there are a lot of new members not in this statistic because they have not paid for their first package. The growth is very good!


Who is Leased Ad Space suitable for?


Anyone and everyone who owns a business online, seeking for more traffic with proven buyers at a low entry point.

It is also suitable for new marketers who do not have much to spare. Just forking out the intial $7 should not pose a problem to any new marketers. There are no recurring payments so you will be able to find effective ways of advertising to get referrals and obtain back your $7 with your first sale!


Why should you join under Leased Ad Space from this page?


Because you will be joining under me.

I had a very good upline who promoted Leased Ad Space diligently. I paid $7 initially just to test the advertising power I will get from Leased Ad Space and did not promote it.

However, I obtained overspill from my upline, and my first 8 paid members in my tier one was literally filled by my upline, in a span of 3 short days once my first downline arrived! This meant that I had a windfall of USD$56, all from my upline’s effort.

After experiencing this, I know that this is a good opportunity for me to repay back to this internet marketing community and help new marketers. I have struggled with internet marketing before, and I know how USD5$56 can mean a lot in the beginning of the journey of internet marketing. It can mean purchasing into a marketing funnel and an online empire can be built up from there. It can help to get more advertising for any form of internet marketing you are currently in.

I want you to experience the power of a 8×7 matrix and benefit from it.

I love Leased Ad Space so much that I have created a marketing system, Marketing Success Funnel, with Leased Ad Space as the main money making program in it. This will let you know how serious I am in making this system work! Join me in Marketing Success Funnel.

As of writing this article, I have already purchased the Package 3 traffic!


How to Promote Leased Ad Space?


My main advertising methods are via Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. However, I have never promoted Leased Ad Space directly using their splash pages or my main affiliate URL. As mentioned above, I have created a marketing system, Marketing Success Funnel, and that is the only program I am promoting to obtain referrals to Leased Ad Space and out of 2 Leased Ad Space referrals obtained from Marketing Success Funnel, 1 of them becomes a paying member!


In conclusion, is Leased Ad Space a scam?


It is not a scam, in fact, it is one of the most legitimate sites out there where it is geared to make all its members successful, by providing a medium for her members to sell the hottest commodity online – Traffic!

If you are still struggling online, I will suggest you to:


1. Join Leased Ad Space from this page and pay your first $7 so you can benefit from my promotional efforts!



2. Join Marketing Success Funnel.


Marketing Success Funnel





3. Promote Marketing Success Funnel using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists! By doing so, you will be building your Leased Ad Space referrals and in other traffic programs which will earn you residual traffic. There is another free to join program which will earn you a passive income by promoting Marketing Success Funnel consistently.

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