Lee Murray List Synergy Trifecta Review – Legit or scam?

Lee Murray List Synergy Trifecta Review

Thanks for checking out Lee Murray List Synergy Trifecta review here. You will get a full, no bs review here and after completely reading it, you will know if you should pick it up or not.


Then let’s begin…

What is List Synergy Trifecta?

Lee Murray List Synergy Trifecta Review

Lee Murray is a well-known internet marketer and has been coaching many students to success. He has released a number of award-winning courses over the years.

What he did in List Synergy Trifecta is bundled up 3 of his award-winning courses into one package and sell it at a very cheap price.

Each of them is priced at $27 to $37 if you get them ala carte and you will be getting them at $91 if you bought them separately!

The 3 Products you will be getting is:

1. Shiny Object Lemonade

2. Breakfast Embed

3. List Synergy

I have previously got my hands on Lee’s products and I would say I am rather impressed with how he delivers the content. He always delivers it in a no bull, filled with humor style and you can practically start taking action while going through the courses.

Now, in all of these 3 products, the main elements you need to succeed in internet marketing is only 2 – your own email list and your own blog.

There will be a lot of over the shoulder training videos and you can skip through some of them even after going through one course. However, each course has some specific, unique twist to it and you are advised to watch those videos.

Let us go through the products individually.

Shiny Object Lemonade review:

Shiny Object Lemonade Review

What you will be getting is a pdf as well as a video course – a total of 18 videos altogether.

Overall, the course addresses the issue of the “shiny object syndrome” that most of us fall victim too. However, one may see it as a bad thing but with SOL (shiny object lemonade), Lee turns that obsession into something which will make you money to fuel your obsession and further makes you more money.

The main thing you will do is building an email list and blogging.

Inside the pdf, you will learn how to embrace the shiny object syndrome, how to profit from that obsession, how to effectively build your list, how to actually construct a blog which will help you make money, drive more visitors to build a bigger list etc. (There are just too many useful things you will be able to gather from here).

For the videos, videos 1 to 7 is for complete newbies who do not own a WordPress blog. You will be able to learn the basic things from getting a domain name to hosting to setting up your WordPress blog which includes themes and the recommended free plugins.

Video 8 is about dressing up your site to monetize it.

Video 9 is about setting up analytics (google analytics)

Video 10 will be about setting your goals

Video 11 will show you how to hunt for Shiny objects

Video 12a and 12b is about turning your goals you have written down into a blog post and how to monetize it.

Video 12c and 12d, in my opinion, is the most exciting videos for me as you can see how this amazing system works. Basically, Lee sends out an email to his pre-existing list of about 4000+ to the new monetized blog post and shows you his results. He earned $140+ from this method.

Why is this exciting is because it just shows you that this method will work if you work it.

Video 13 and 14 is showing you how you can set up your first email campaign as well as your welcome email once somebody opts into your list.

Video 15 will actually show you how to monetize your list on the front end. This is important to create positive cash flow to grow your business at a faster pace!

Even if I were to get this product on its own, the value in it is so immense and using what is taught will definitely be a winner.

Breakfast Embed review

Breakfast Embed review

In Breakfast Embed, you will be getting the main pdf, a quickstart pdf, as well as 13 over the shoulder training videos.

Breakfast Embed talks about 2 main things again, list building as well as blogging. However, Breakfast Embed actually focuses more on blogging- video blogging.

The problem with blogging is this, you will usually run out of content pretty fast. However, with Breakfast Embed, it is very easy to get content, and with the secret inside, you will be able to get a few months worth of content with just a push of a button and get it uploaded to your blog on a daily basis!

You will also be taught on building your list and sending your list to this blog and generate money from your monetized post as well as giving it authority. In the long term, your blog will receive organic traffic which in turns build you a bigger list and bigger commissions!

For the videos, video 1 to 6 is basically what you have seen in SOL, setting up your WordPress blog and autoresponder.

Video 7A and 7B is gold as you will be taught on how to create your lead magnet and rebrand it with a nice professional ebook cover! No technical skills involved and Lee will show you a really cool method to get top notch photos for your ebook too!

Video 8A, 8B, and 8C will teach you on how to properly set up your funnel so that it will attract people to opt-in and earn commissions from the properly structured thank you page as well as download page.

Video 9A and 9B is all about the specific method of blogging with the Breakfast Embed method!

Combine SOL and Breakfast Embed and you should have a perfect strategy to start building your online empire! This strategy will work in any niche.

List Synergy review

List Synergy Review

If you have gone through SOL and BE, most of the things in List Synergy

Here, you will get a pdf as well as 15 videos! However, there will be a few videos where you can skip them where it talks about setting up your blog, your lead magnet, and your funnel. This is more detail in BE.

This pdf is shorter than the previous 2 where it is only 20+ pages long but it details the overall strategy of a good marketing campaign. Again, emphasis on list building and blogging.

In the video section, Video #7 is a goldmine where Lee will show you how to do keyword research. He shows you live on how he was able to get more than 20 keywords in less than 5 minutes.

Video #8 is a must watch if you want to know where to outsource most of your work, especially if you are afraid of writing content for your blog. (This, however, should not be a problem if you apply what you have learned in BE)

Video #11 is a must watch as Lee talks about traffic generation methods.

Video #12 is a secret method to make your site an authority. If search engines see you as an authority, rest assured that organic traffic will start pouring in.

In List Synergy, you will actually get 4 more of Lee’s products for free! They are:

1. C.A.B Grab
2. Down and Dirty List Building 2
3. JV Double Down
4. It’s all you need

The Verdict of List Synergy Trifecta Review –

Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

– Lots of valued information jam packed into this package bundle at such a ridiculous low price!

– A lot of step-by-step training videos

– Easily executable strategy

– These strategies have been proven to work

– No product creation needed

– Clear strategy to act on


The only thing I can say is that there is too much information in one shot, but that is not really a con because having no knowledge is more dangerous.

Overall Impression of List Synergy Trifecta

Well, it’s probably pretty obvious at this point that we do recommend List Synergy Trifecta. I love the fact that Lee touches on the 2 main strategies for building a sustainable online business – building an email list and blogging.

This has always been what I have recommended my subscribers to do. However, with List Synergy Trifecta, there will be a lot of headaches taken away, especially with the information in Breakfast Embed on getting content for your blog.

What’s really great is if you work this out, you will be able to grow your organic traffic which will build your list and your list will further build the traffic for your blog to bring more authority and organic traffic.

A vicious cycle…in a good way!

If you buy List Synergy through my affiliate link, you will be entitled to these bonuses too!

  1. 100 List Building Methods with MRR ($47 Value)
  2. How to Build Traffic To Your Website with PLR ($47 Value)
  3. Sales Funnel Money with PLR ($77 Value)
  4. Affiliate Marketing Mastermind ($77 Value)
  5. Ultimate Guide to Copywriting ($47 Value)

How to Grab List Synergy Perfecta with bonus – 3 Easy Steps

Step One (Optional) – Watch the FREE Video Below

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Step Two (Optional) – “Click Here to Get Access to A Step-By-Step Case Study That Reveals The Method to Make $68120 in 57 Days…”

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Step Three

Click Here to Visit Lee Murray’s List Synergy Trifecta Info Page Right Now! Buy through this link and you will receive your EXCLUSIVE bonus together with your purchase!

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