Look Beyond The Money

I know you are in the internet marketing industry because you want to make money.

Your only goal is to make money. However, I am sure that 90% of those who only has this goal in mind ends up not making any money at all.

However, when we step back and look at the successful internet marketers, what do they share in common? If you take notice about it, the successful ones always have a community around them. They attract these community who will follow whatever these internet marketers have to say? The reason is simple


They Provide Real Value to Their Community


They do not promote a particular product because they will be able to make 100% commissions off it. Instead, they promote a product, at the expense of a lower commissions at times, because they believe that the product will add certain value to their community. Besides that, they share all their valuable tips and they do not keep these tips to succeed. They genuinely want people around them to succeed, and most of the time, the sales and commissions will come in.

When you provide real value, you will be seen as an authority. People will be attracted to you because they know you are putting them first. When they encounter a problem, you will be the first person to pop up in their mind. They will look for you. Either visiting your blog for answers, mailing you personally, dropping you a message on skype or social media platforms.

If you genuinely provide help at these times, even if they need to join a program under you for more information, you will find them joining these sites and taking upgrades or purchasing products which you recommend because they believe in you. They have the confidence in you. This rapport and confidence level takes time to build, and it will not be built based on constant sales pitch and not putting them first. It will not be possible if you did not provide them real value in the first place.

For example, if somebody ask you how you make money, be genuine in providing answers you know and methods which are working for you. Show them how you do it, provide them with proof and guide them. Do not promote an affiliate product just because you want to earn a commission off it but promote the product or program because you know it will add value to your prospects. If you can do this, the money will follow.

If you focus on making money and not providing value, you will find yourself failing most of the time.


People Will Buy From You Because They Know, Like, and Trust You


If you ask me how I make money online, I will not be telling you from blogging, or from promoting clickbank products. That is because I do not make money via these methods and I am still learning these. Instead, I will show you how I make money by building my email list.

I will show you what programs are working for me like what you will find in Marketing Success Funnel.

Marketing Success Funnel

These are the methods which I use to make money online and I hope that whatever content that I put out there will be of help to newcomers.

If you want to start a website like this, I do it by joining Wealthy Affiliate and taking advantage of the 2 free websites provided in WA. I recommend it because there are tons of training provided and the community her is very helpful! You will definitely get help 24/7 no matter what time and which part of the world you are in.



What are your goals in your internet marketing journey and how do you add real value to your community? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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