Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses

Meme Traffic Monster Review And BonusesWelcome to Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses, a course released by Aidan Corkery and Art Flair. In this article, I wish to provide you with an in-depth of what exactly is Meme Traffic Monster and you will find the bonuses I am offering to you if you decide to grab Meme Traffic Monster from my affiliate link 🙂


Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses

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For example, I use Web Copy Cat to build my list and earn affiliate commissions. It is a done-for-you system where everything is set up for you (from the products to sell, lead capture pages, and follow up emails) and sales do come in on a consistent basis.

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A system like Web Copy Cat takes care of the conversion part for you, but it is your job to actually drive traffic to the sales funnel so that you will be able to build your email list and make affiliate sales to earn money.

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Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses


Meme Traffic Monster is a course by Aidan Corkery and Art Flair where they will teach you a fresh new method to get those eyeballs to your website, no matter what niche you are in.

However, I will recommend you to always send your traffic to your lead capture page to build your email list. Click here to read why you should be building your own email list.

In the sales page, you will find these bullet points:

  • Completely untapped, Free Traffic
  • NEW Method – No Rehashes!
  • Anyone Can Do This
  • Works in Any Niche
  • Works for Anything You Need Traffic For
  • Can generate 500+ Clicks a day for free
  • No Budget needed

So let us proceed further to our Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses.

Meme Traffic Monster Review


In Meme Traffic Monster training area, you will be getting 14 videos which includes the method as well as a few bonus videos.

There will be 2 introductory videos, one by Art Flair and one by Aidan Corkery.

In Video 1, Aidan will be going through the overview of the course and the expectations of the course. It is just over 4 minutes and you should watch it so that you can get an overall idea of what to expect.

Video 2 talks about finding a high converting offer to promote using the Meme Traffic Monster method. If you have bought WSO’s in the past, this video might be redundant for you. But if you are new to this game, watch this video to learn how to pick good products to promote, both for you and your customers.

What I love about this course is that they dive into the method straight in the 3rd video! In the 3rd Video, Aidan actually showed you his examples of Meme he has used to generate traffic and more importantly…SALES! I must say that his memes are very catchy and he deserved the traffic and sales he has made.

So how do you go and create your own memes? In Video 4, Aidan will show you how to create your own memes. Trust me, you do not need to be an artist nor do you need photoshop. It is so easy I created my first Meme in less than 1 minute!

In Video 5 and 6, Aidan is not talking about Memes…but he has previously taught these methods in his previous course, using GIF to bring in traffic. He will also show you where to find GIFs to use. Again, looking for these images takes less than a minute to do.

In Video 7, Aidan actually shows you his results and income proof of using the above methods. I know that Aidan actually teaches what he preaches because I am friends with him on Facebook and I have seen these real live campaigns going on. In one of his campaigns, he had 82 clicks to one of his offers, and made 14 sales, resulting in $198.65 in commissions.

There are 5 more videos by Art Flair, 1 Bonus Case Study video and 4 Bonus Training videos where he shows you how to further utilise Facebook to get free traffic from it.

Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses


Meme Traffic Monster Review – OTO’s

What is a WSO without it’s OTO’s.

OTO#1 cost $27 and it has 5 case studies + advanced training. Well, these training will teach you more than just Facebook and you are recommended to get it. You will discover more methods to actually get more traffic to your site.

OTO#2 cost $37 and it has more training and DFY packs! These DFY packs includes campaigns, squeeze pages, niches, groups, offers, images & music. Definitely worth more than the $37 you will be paying for.

OTO$#3 is $97 Reseller’s licence and if you here just for the training, I will not recommend you to get this.

Meme Traffic Monster Bonuses

Bonus #1 There is a Bonus Webinar Exclusive for MEME Traffic Monster members and it is completely free of charge. This webinar will help you to take things to the next level without any additional fees.

Bonus #2 Exclusive FB Mastermind Group. Many marketers actually charge as much as $2000 for access into private mastermind groups. But here, you will get your VIP access to an exclusive marketing mastermind where you can get free help!

Bonus #3 Free Traffic Monster. You will be able to find this bonus at the end of the Meme Traffic Monster course and it is a past course of Art Flair.

Meme Traffic Monster Exclusive Bonuses

If you decide to purchase Meme Traffic Monster from this page, you will receive an additional 3 more bonuses which will help you get more results with Meme Traffic Monster.

1st Exclusive Bonus – Sales Funnel Money with PLR

Exclusive Bonus #2 – Free Web Traffic Made Simple with MRR

Exclusive Bonus #3 – Grow Your Facebook Audience with MRR

Click Here to Grab Meme Traffic Monster Together With The Above Bonuses Today!

Pros and Cons of Meme Traffic Monster

Is Meme Traffic Monster the perfect course? We will discuss the pros and cons of it over here.


  • It is very cheap and it cost less than $10 (as of writing this). For the method that they will be teaching, if you put it into practice, the traffic that you will be generating will definitely worth more than what you are paying.
  • The method taught is FREE. You do not need a budget to put this method into practice. Each campaign will only take you a few minutes to set it up.
  • Anyone can use this method. All the tools which are taught in this course is free to use.


  • You will not get organic traffic. You use this method once, you get the traffic, and it will likely end there. If you want to learn how to get organic traffic, I will recommend the Breakfast Embed course by Lee Murray
  • You might not get the results as Aidan has obtained. That is because Aidan has 3000+ friends in his circle. However, you can slowly build this up too.
  • It is delivered all in video format. It will be nice to have some pdf’s to accompany the training for easier reference.

Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses

Should you get Meme Traffic Monster?

The verdict of “Meme Traffic Monster Review and Bonuses”

If you are still struggling to get traffic to your sites, I would recommend you to get this course. The training is short and you can apply what you learn on the same day.

Besides that, it took me less than 2 minutes to actually make one campaign to get traffic to my site. I have previously purchased Aidan’s course and actually applied the GIF method and it got me traffic and sales.

So Meme Traffic Monster is definitely recommended.

However, if you are already a traffic master who is able to get thousands of traffic a day, this course might not be for you. Just continue doing what you are already doing.

So if you want to start getting free viral traffic from simple actions:

  1. Grab Meme Traffic Monster by Clicking Here
  2. Go through the course
  3. Grab your bonuses (you can access it together with your purchase)
  4. Start applying what you learn from Meme Traffic Monster
  5. Start getting traffic today!


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