Secret To Success #1 – Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

Whatever you do in life, just remember this, you will definitely receive negative remarks, mostly from people who had no experience in what you will be venturing into. The secret to success is to believe in yourself!

These negativities cannot be avoided because the general public are conditioned to not think outside the box. The dogma “go to school, get good grades, get a high paying job and you will have a secured income” are instilled in us for generations. Very seldom, you will receive advice to explore the unknown because the unknown is a scary place.

However, let us think from another perspective, when you are sick, would you seek medical advice from an engineer or from a doctor? The answer is obvious…why? Because a doctor has been trained and they are gaining knowledge everyday to treat patients to their very best. Would you ask for advice regarding stock market from a property agent? Again, the answer will definitely be no!

People around you will pass on negative remarks not so much because they do not believe in you, but because they do not believe in themselves as they have set a limitation towards themselves. They do not like to be proven wrong too because if you are successful, they will be proven wrong.

How strong you believe in your dreams and yourself will be very important, especially when obstacles are thrown upon you one after another, to keep yourself going. Without a strong desire to achieve your dreams, these obstacles together with negativities by your peers will definitely put out the fire within you and giving up will seem like the best choice.

When you have a dream, even if you have to hustle and tussle twice as hard compared to the hours you put into your day job, you will feel that it is worth it. You know that you are working towards a greater good which other people will not be able to see in the present.

If you have a dream, pursue it.

Believe in yourself.

Do not let other people take control of your dreams.

At first,they will laugh at you. When you succeed, they will ask you how.

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