The Super Affiliates by Ewen Chia Review – Is This The Real Deal?

 REVIEW: The Super Affiliates by Ewen Chia


If you do a search on Ewen Chia’s products, you will be bombarded with a lot of negative reviews. These reviews will usually end with a promotion of another affiliate program.


Well, I have never bought Ewen’s products thus I do not know how legitimate are those reviews.

I have a habit of browsing through marketplaces and I came across Super Affiliate. The landing page blew me away and I immediately bought the Super Affiliate program.

I have explored the membership and here is an honest review about it.

 **Do note that Super Affiliate is different than Super Affiliate Millionaire. I need to let you know that it is different because you will find reviews on Super Affiliate Millionaire. I have no idea what SFM is because I never used it.


What Is Super Affiliate by Ewen Chia? 

Ewen Chia shares his blueprint of becoming a super affiliate. It also comes with tools and softwares to help you get started.



Investing in this membership will give you access to a complete suite of tools. From personal experience, investing in these tools can be costly.

The blueprint comes in a PDF file which is 116 pages filled with good content and 15 videos to go with it. In the videos, Ewen did a good job explaining about what it takes to be a super affiliate.

Furthermore, there are 12 more videos which will show you how to get more traffic.

The Main Strategy

 If you have been following me, I am sure you can guess the strategy. It is none other than email marketing!

And I am happy that the blueprint talks about email marketing.

The reason is simple. Email marketing is not affected by search engines and social media sites algorithm.

When Google or Facebook introduce a new algorithm, most marketers results will decline. There is less organic visitors. There is less engagement on social media posts.

You will learn on how to set up your funnel and how to profit from the back end with strategic promotions.

The good old adage of “build your email list first” will never die as long as emails exist in this world!

Done right, you will be able to generate a ROI of %4300 from your email marketing campaigns.

My favourite part of the blueprint would be the “7 Secrets Of Super Affiliate Marketing”. My recommendation once you grab it? Print these 7 secrets out and read it daily!


What Makes Super Affiliate Different From Other Programs?
 I love it when there’s a program which provides everything you need to succeed. There are two main tools that you will need if you are doing any business online.


The number 1 tool you will need to invest in is your autoresponder! Without it, you will not be able to build a sustainable online business.

There are 3 ingredients to make money online. You will need a product, you will need an audience, and you will need a tool to communicate with your audience.

 Your autoresponder is the key to making more sales. That is because people will buy from people that they know, like and trust. If you do not communicate with them, you will never make that sale.

 Having your own website will help you build your authority. Besides that, you will be able to do a lot of cool stuffs to boost your conversions too!

 Super Affiliates Will Provide You With An Autoresponder!

 Yes! You read that right. By grabbing Super Affiliates, you will gain access to a professional autoresponder.


There is no need for you to pay expensive monthly fees.
It gets the job done.
You will be able to add follow up letters.
You will be able to broadcast to your subscribers.
You will also be able to import your current subscribers into this autoresponder too.  

Click Here to Get Your Professional Autoresponder
Super Affiliates Will Provide You With A Simple Funnel Builder
You have an autoresponder now. Are you worried of creating your first landing page?
Super Affiliates will take care of that for you too. Ewen will provide you with a cloud based software which will help you build your landing page.
It is as simple as:
1. Choose your template
2. Edit the wordings.
3. Insert your autoresponder code
4. Edit your thank you page
5. Create your tracking link
You will be able to set up a professional looking opt-in page and a thank you page in less than 5 minutes.

Above are just a few of the many templates that you can play around with.

Super Affiliates Even Provides You With Hosting
Now that you have your autoresponder and your funnel, you will need to upload it to your hosting account.

And Ewen will give you a lifetime hosting account where you do not need to pay for hosting anymore.
Remember that I said that you get a complete suite of tools?
It does not end there.
Super Affiliates Will Help You Set Up A Business In A Chosen Niche
Ewen is serious in helping his students succeed.
Once you join Super Affiliates, you will have an autoresponder as well as a website.
Ewen goes one step further in helping you set up your web page so that you will be able to monetise it further.

You will be able to choose 1 out of the 100 profitable niches Ewen has identified for you.

Send Ewen’s team the necessary details and a few days, and they will help you to set up your
complete business.

Top Secret Monthly Coaching And Good Support
Ewen will continue to provide you with coaching on a monthly basis.
The content is high quality and you can even get access to his past lessons.
You will also be able to ask the team anything when you get stuck or you hit a roadblock. This is the real game changer.

The main reason that most people fail is because they do not know where to look for help. They try to do everything alone.

And when things get tough, they quit.


How Much Will It Cost Me?

It will only cost you $37 per month but there will be an option of getting a lifetime upgrade which cost only $397.

I will strongly recommend you to go for $397 if you can afford it because once you do that:

1. You do not need to worry about monthly autoresponder fees

2. You do not need to worry about paying monthly web hosting

3. You will have a software which can help you create funnels within minutes for any niche!

4. You will have access to the support staffs if you are facing any difficulties

5. You will have monthly coaching calls with a super affiliate – utilise this opportunity to build a relationship with one of the big guys and this will accelerate your success.

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