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Surfing Tips

Surfing Tips

I just came across an article by the owner of Max Mailer Pro, William Brant where he was ranting about how the traffic exchange industry has changed. In short, traffic exchanges have become more “fun” where results from advertising is neglected. In a way, I have to agree and disagree on this point too and at the last bit of this article, I will share some surfing tips with you.


As mentioned by William Brant, traffic exchanges were set up with one goal in the older days, advertising. There weren’t any games, badges or stickers to collect and people surf to advertise. However in the present, many surfers as put by William, surf for surfing. Many lost their focus on surfing to advertise and after a few months, just collecting badges and prizes will not make you money. If surfing 1000 pages to earn $0.30 is your primary goal, you will, at some point of time, feel that everything was and will be a waste of time.


Click Track Profit introduced badges, then money badges, and a whole lot of other creative and innovative features which make its members surf more. In a way, it increases the activities of participating Traffic Exchanges. In another point of view, it serves as a distraction for advertisers as surfers are mainly surfing for other reasons and they might (not all) will pay attention to the ads displayed in front of them.


This brings us to the first surfing tip :

Surfing Tip : Make Your Ads Stand Out More Than The Badges!


Since there is nothing you can do about people surfing for the sake of surfing, let’s focus on what you can do. You cannot control how a traffic exchange is run, but what you can control is your own ads. Make your ads “SHOUT” out loud to surfers. If they are surfing just for surfing, let your ads bring them back to the right track. Remind them about the main reason they are there (except those who do not want to make money through commissions). Take control of what you can do, take control over your ads. Make a video to capture their attention. Include audio with a laugh. Groove to the music in a weird but memorable and acceptable way. Use whatever means to grab the attention of surfers! Make your own splash pages!


Another thing which has changed is surfing for cash. The first exchange which I came across offering $0.30 for surfing 1000 pages would be Easy Hits 4 U. No complains there if you want to surf 10,000 pages with a 20 second timer for $3.00. I did surfed for that in the past before building a list and after days of surfing and finally getting my cash out of $3.00, I know that I will never want to surf that way any more. I would rather work part-time at a fast food outlet for a day and I earn so much more than $3.00. On top of that, I wasn’t doing anything for my business at that time surfing 10,000 pages for a mere $3.00.


This brings us to the next surfing tip of the day:

Surfing Tips: Know Your Focus and Goals


This tip is extremely important for surfers who are surfing just for surfing, know what is your focus and why are you surfing. Are you surfing because you want to advertise something to make money? Are you surfing for the cash prize? Are you surfing for 10,000 sites to earn $3.00? Are you just surfing for fun? Remember your true purpose on what brought you to the traffic exchange. I can bet 99% of us come because we wanted to make money and we wanted to find out how to get more traffic. What happened to the initial goal?


Just to illustrate this, I would like to share my focus and goals. I am surfing because I want to build a list. Why do I want to build a list? This is because I am building my online business. I have a list where I can build relationships with my subscribers. I have a list so I have constant visitors to my site. My list is my primary goal of using traffic exchanges. I use traffic exchanges because I want to make money with it. I want to make commissions by promoting something. What I do not want is to trade 10 hours of my time to generate $3.00. Rather, I would like to build multiple streams of income.


A simple question, would you want $3.00 or will you prefer results like the picture below?


This is a screenshot of the commissions which I would be able to receive by the end of this week from Fast Cash And Traffic. By the way, I didn’t promote Fast Cash And Traffic directly, I just promoted TE Profits and it handled the funnelling of sales for me. Looking at this today, I am fortunate that I decided to be consistent and focused on my goal. Making money with traffic exchanges is possible. If I, who wasted more than one year not making anything, am able to make money with traffic exchanges, I know you are able too.


So why are you surfing traffic exchanges? If you are not surfing to advertise, if you are not surfing to make money, and if you are surfing but not making money because you didn’t start building your list, you will soon feel that everything is not worth it. Get your focus back. Stay on the path of building a sales funnel and I am sure you will have a successful online business in the near future.


I hope these 2 surfing tips will be of help to you. Please leave your comments on more surfing tips which you can share with other readers.

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