The Best Affiliate Product To Promote Online

Let us be honest, there are too many things which you can promote online. However, have you considered the pros and cons of promoting certain products? You do not want to be promoting junk products because your name will be remembered together with the product. However, you do not want to waste too much time promoting one affiliate product and finally earning less than $10 too! You need to make your promotion count too!

First of all, let us talk about the product.
Choose a product which provides value to your prospects!

When you choose a product to promote, before considering the profits, you need to make sure that the product will be useful for your prospects. You need to make sure that it provides value to your prospects’ businesses. This is important so that your prospects will continue to use your products. When this happens, only then you will be able to find long term success with it.

Take an autoresponder for example. An autoresponder is a tool use to collect a prospect’s name and email address or whatever information is needed. It is an essential tool to build a list so that it allows you to follow up with your prospects to close a sale. Most sales are closed after 5 to 7 times of exposure. In the online world where you cannot see who your visitors are or follow up with a call, your next best strategy will be collecting their email address so that you can follow up with them via email. Marketers from all niche will be able to utilize this tool.

When they realise the power of building a list and the power of follow up, they will continue to use their autoresponder. They will then continue to pay to continue using this service. This means long term income for you.

Next, choose a product which gives you monthly commissions!

Promoting products with one time payments can be tempting because in theory, it is easier to close a sale of a one time payment compared to a product or membership which requires monthly commitments. However, if your customers are only going to pay you one time, you will earn only on that one time. If you need to earn more money, you need to continously look for new customers.

We come to search for ways to make money online because we want to earn passive income. We want to be financially free. However, if you are required to look for new customers everyday to sell your product, that is similar to your day job. No customers = no income. This can stop if you promote a product which provides you with a monthly commission! Even if you do not look for new customers, income will still flow into your account, even while you are on a vacation!

Start small, and slowly build up your passive income. Start promoting a product which gives a monthly commission! Find a product to promote wich can do just that. An example has been given above.

Choose A Product Which Can Build Commissions on Its Own!

When you choose a product, look at the compensation plan. Smart marketers will use certain kind of leverage to build their business.

For example, starting a membership site is a very smart move. When you have a membership site, you will have affiliates promoting your site for you. Once you have built up enough momentum, you do not even need to promote your membership site anymore because your members will be doing the promotion for you. Your membership site will grow even if you are not at your computer. This is one kind of leverage.

However, starting a membership site is not suitable for everyone, especially when you are just starting to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing. However, there is a compensation plan which you should try to understand, the matrix. You will come across sites which says 3 x 10 matrix. The first number is the multiplier of the matrix and the 10 refers to the number of levels. For example below which only shows the first 3 levels:


Typically, a matrix program is like a team build. You are at the top of the program. There will be 2 terms which I will be using: 1) Referrals which are people whom you have referred into a program 2) Downline which are people in your organisation, they can be people you have referred or people whom your referrals have referred. Say for example, I have brought in 3 referrals into my organisation, they will be added into my Level 1 Downline. When my Level 1 Downline bring in new members, these new members will be going into Level 2 without me doing anything and when these Level 2 members purchase something, I will be earning an income too! Basically, my personal referrals are helping me build my online business!

And there is spillovers too. This means that when I bring in my 4th personal referral, he/she will go to my level 2 when my level 1 is filled up. These level 2 members will be placed directly under my level 1 referrals and both my referral and I will earn an income when this 4th referral purchase something. I love this feature because this feature can drive my referrals to want to promote this product too as they can see that they are making money too!

Did you know that when you refer one person into your organisation, and you teach your referral to do the same, and you do that on a monthly basis, in less than a year, you will be able to build an organisation of your own which can have 4000+ members! Watch this video to understand it: The Power of One ; How to Create a 5 Figure Annual Income in 12 Months

So, if you are promoting any products online, make it worth it, find a product which can:
1. Provide Value
2. Gives monthly commissions
3. Be leveraged

One such product is the TrafficWave autoresponder. Click Here to Join TrafficWave!

As mentioned above, an autoresponder can add value to any internet marketer’s business because it is an essential tool to build a list. Furthermore, TrafficWave has been around for years and has a good reputation when it comes to deliverability of their emails.

Second, it provides a monthly residual income.

Third, this is the only autoresponder which has a matrix based compensation plan. It is very powerful because it goes up to 10 levels deep. Imagine having thousands of people building your business for you on autopilot. Say goodbye to managing membership sites to actually earn an income.

Fourth, you can use TrafficWave to build your own list too! You can have your own prospects to follow up and promote them with other VALUE PROVIDING affiliate offers to earn extra income!

Last but not least, building a huge TrafficWave downline is a team effort and I have joined a team to do that. It is TrafficWave Success Team. Click Here and Fill In Your Details to Receive Further Intructions. Our team leader will help you to set up your squeeze page, your autoresponder letters, and give you a system to use to enrol TrafficWave members. Using this system, I have referred 3 Paid TrafficWave members in less than a month and my monthly expenses for TrafficWave will be offset in the following months! It will be pure profits from then on.

If you are still not making money online and have not found a suitable affiliate product to promote, I will recommend going with TrafficWave and joining my TrafficWave Success Team to start building your own list, your own online business, and create a passive income and be financially free.

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