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Here’s another post on why it is important to have set up your own funnel for your business. Many a times, marketers are put off with building a list because they do not earn up front cash! Without income coming in, it is not easy to stay motivated to build your list. This is a common struggle.


I am here to share my personal experience on how I usually get sign ups for a program which I want to promote. I do not promote the program’s affiliate page directly on advertising sites, rather, I continue promoting my own squeeze page to build my list. There is however one small modification which I will do to my marketing campaign.


If you have submitted your details to a multiple of lists, I am sure you will notice one thing. Every time you submit your details, you will be brought to a “Thank You” page and whenever you verify your email address, you will be brought to a “Confirmation” page. These are the pages or rather time that your prospects appear to be more responsive. Usually, I will just put up a banner on the program I want to promote on these pages and I usually get sign ups by using this method. Besides that, I find this method more effective than promoting affiliate pages directly! Do not waste this opportunity to build sign ups in your programs because these pages will help you earn your up front cash to sustain your marketing campaign.


The program which I like to promote on this page is Traffic Profit Pro. It is a good traffic exchange training site with a lot of valuable tips and it is very easy to earn from this site. Even for free members, you will be rewarded with cash at the end of the week if you have brought in at least 2 referrals. You will earn more the more referrals you bring in and will be doubled if you are upgraded. You will also be rewarded for promoting and making a sale. I will recommend you to use Traffic Profit Pro as your program to earn up front cash.


If however you are not building your list, you can still utilize the power of thank you pages by using TY Ad Network! Join TY Ad Network now and find out the amazing opportunity which awaits you.

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