TJK Marketing Success – The Who, The What, The How

Hello! This is Jin Kit here and I am from Malaysia.

In this country, there are many people who would love to find a way to earn an extra income, and most people at one point would have been involved with direct sales / MLM / network marketing.

However, after talking to a lot of people in my network marketing career, I realized a few things.

  1. Most people in the industry are not successful
  2. The companies that they have worked with before are getting more successful.
  3. They were told to follow a system but the system is wrongly executed.
  4. Most of them are usually highly motivated but they did not know where or what went wrong for them.
  5. Many of them fear that they will lose their friends.
  6. Most people don’t realize that for them to be successful in selling something, they need to first unlearn what they have been conditioned for many years and learn how not to be a salesperson.

Well, I will not lie, I have gone through similar experience.

The difference, I felt something was wrong.

I felt that I am missing a few key ingredients to be successful.

I realized that everybody knows what to do, but they do not know “HOW” to do it.

And that led me to come across a few mentors who have since changed my life.

Learning the “How to” has changed my life and here are the snippets of it.

  1. Having more friends than ever instead of being in the “No friends left” zone.
  2. Getting more “YES” from prospects rather than “No’s”
  3. Not getting stood up during appointments
  4. I only give my presentation regarding the products or opportunity when I am begged for it.
  5. Learning how to give the full presentation in less than 5 minutes
  6. Learning how to handle objections and questions and making all parties happy at the end of the meeting.
  7. Commissions start rolling in 🙂

Using science instead of hope changed everything for me in the business.

And I am here, documenting down what I have learned, and helping to turn amateur network marketers into professionals through this humble writing.

Would love to connect with you so feel free to drop me a message.

See you at the top!