Top Advertising Resources for the Last 7 Days

Tracking your results is a very important thing to do in the world of Internet Marketing. If you know where your sign-ups are coming from, you can focus on advertising on that site even more compared to those which does not give you results. In the long run, you will be saving tons of cash but gaining a lot more sign ups.


The main reason I am making this post is because there is one particular site which had exceeded my expectations. It is a new site but it has generated sign-ups for me daily! You are missing out on a lot of sign ups and possible commissions if you are not in this site. Without further delay, the result is as follows:

Hits Unique Hits Unique Actions
Golden Chest Mailer 533 481 12
Wonder Mailer 730 548 8
The Lead Magnet 147 140 6
Fast Cash And Traffic 198 187 5
I Got Money 58 55 5
Max Mailer Pro 334 300 4
I Got Mails 242 217 4 297 273 3
My Cash List 152 138 3


Golden Chest Mailer is a new site but it has outperformed all other mailers from my own tracking. If you have been looking at ads, you will notice that there is a great deal of new mailers mushrooming and I am a member of a few but none performed as well as Golden Chest Mailer.


I would also like to highlight I Got Money and I Got Mails. They are sister sites where I Got Money is the newer site and both offer incredible lifetime upgrades of different levels. I got both lifetime upgrades at both sites for $10 each and I have been using them daily and as you can see, they are working very fine for me.


Remember, track your results. You can use rankers such as List Hoopla and TE Hoopla as a guide to which resources you would like to try but at the end of the day, track your results because what you are advertising and what other people are advertising is different. I personally use Vital Viral Pro to track my results and the page I was advertising was  this. Just by advertising daily, from the 23rd June to the time of writing, I have managed to add a total of 93 subscribers, a result which I am quite happy with.

Do leave your comments below if you have any. Cheers!



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