TrafficWave Success Team and Marketing Success Funnel

Ever since I have introduced TrafficWave Success Team into Marketing Success Funnel, I do get a few members asking me how to integrate Marketing Success Funnel with TrafficWave Success Team.

Here, I will share how I do it.

First of all, why not just solely promote Marketing Success Funnel? If you just promote Marketing Success Funnel, you will not be building your own list. To have a sustainable business online as well as as a sustainable income, the best strategy is to have your own email list. Solely promoting Marketing Success Funnel is a good starting strategy because it is a good place to start learning the ins and outs of the traffic exchange and safelist industry. Once you understand how things work, then you will reach a time when you have to step up your game to improve your results and list building will be the next best step.

Why TrafficWave Success Team? TrafficWave Success Team focuses on one thing: building a TrafficWave downline. You will want to do this because the TrafficWave compensation plan is really good and it will provide you with a monthly income! Even if you have recurited someone into TrafficWave but did not join TrafficWave Success Team, as long as they use TrafficWave as their autoresponder (Paying $17.95 monthly but allowing you to have unlimited list with unlimited amount of subscribers with no extra charges is the best deal you can find on the net), you will be receiving monthly commissions from them too! It is a tool which is required by marketers of all levels and once they start using it, you can be sure that they will be a customer for a long time.

I wanted to try out a team build TrafficWave team without all the aspects of the rotators or hot seats because I do not want to send the traffic to a rotator and wait for the hot seat for months! I do not want to build a TrafficWave downline with a downline builder because it never worked for me in the past. I tried TrafficWave Success Team and after how well it went in my first months, I am going to stick with it.

How to promote TrafficWave Success Team but not neglecting Marketing Success Funnel at the same time?

The strategy that I used was this;  I created my own TrafficWave Success Team landing pages and I put my Marketing Success Funnel affiliate link as the confirmation page.

This means whenever my new prospect confirms his/her subscription, they will automatically be brought to my Marketing Success Funnel main affiliate site. On an average of 4 to 5 new subscriber I get, I am getting about 1 to 2 new Marketing Success Funnel members. By deploying this strategy, you will be able to build your own list and bring in new Marketing Success Funnel referrals to build your downlines in other traffic programs and earn from the core programs too!

This strategy has proven to be working for me for years. Previously, I promoted the TE Profits report heavily and in the confirmation link, I would put my Traffic Profit Pro affiliate link. Using this strategy, I was able to gain more than 700 referrals into Traffic Profit Pro. This method will work if you know your target audience.

I will not use the above method if I were to promote it with solo ads from Udimi because TE’s and Safelist generally don’t receive good attention from those group of marketers. If I promote in Udimi, I will change my squeeze page and promote something else on the confirmation page which I think will suit the audience better.

Another strategy which will work is to create at least 3 emails promoting Marketing Success Funnel and plugging it into your TrafficWave Success Team campaign. These 3 emails should be put after all the TrafficWave Success Team letters are delivered.

For extra results, edit each letter by adding a simple P.S. promoting Marketing Success Funnel or other programs you feel will benefit your subscribers. Remember to always add value to your subscribers instead of pitching to them all the time.

Build your list, get TrafficWave and Marketing Success Funnel sign ups, and build a sustainable monthly income starting today!

1. Marketing Success Funnel
2. TrafficWave Success Team
3. TrafficWave Autoresponder
4. Udimi
5. TE Profits
6 Traffic Profit Pro

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