The Truth About Making Money Online

The Truth About Making Money Online

There is a simple formula to make money online and this is not bull.

However, even when you have the formula, most of those who learn the formula will still fail.

Does this mean that the formula does not work?

Well, it will be for you to judge because this formula has proven over and over again that it works.

However, the variables in what determines a person’s success is the person itself.

Yes, I am referring to you 🙂

So before you get the formula, do listen to an old man nag – though I’m not that old and you will have to guess my age.

Are you ready for the brutal truth about making money online?

Well, let us go in for a nice ride 🙂

Watch it on Youtube :

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If you are not making money online – the truth is this…

The problem lies with you 😉

Told you that it’s brutal so you can leave if you don’t like it.

But if you stay, then you are a warrior whom I foresee will succeed in life.

Many people follow the same formula or systems and there are success stories, and there are even more failure stories.

When you do not produce the desired results, what do you do?

Do you…

a. Find out where goes wrong, tries to improve, and continue taking massive action?

b. Blame the system and blame your sponsor?

From experience, many people go with option B.

The reason is simple – it is the easier thing to do!

The truth about making money online is this – you need to CONSISTENTLY learn and take action everyday!

After all, it’s not about the resources you have, but how resourceful you are. By the way, you can read more about resources and resourcefulness here over at my steemit blog!

Wait…what? Where are you writing? Well, this is called taking action and I plan to continue hustling like this.


So, the truth about making money online is really…

1. Take full responsibility of your own actions

2. Be consistent

3. Learn everyday and apply what you learn on a daily basis

4. It’s okay to start from scratch or start small, but we need a bigger vision. We will not see immediate results today but eventually, it will build up to something better for the future 🙂

Enough nagging.

Here is the formula to make money online!

All you need is 3 things

1. A High Quality Product

2. A Sales Funnel

3. An Audience

Pretty straightforward eh?

Forget about strategies for one moment and just focus on this formula.

The first ingredient to make money online

A High Quality Product

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to own a product. However, it is your responsibility to only promote products which can help solve your audience’s problems. For me, if I come across a course or program which I know can help my audience to make more money, I share it with em.

If you are in the health niche, what specific problems are you looking to help solve and what does the product you promote help solve? The only way you will be able to answer that question is by you going through the product itself and determining it’s worth. Focus on promoting high quality products rather than the commissions.

Unless you are not planning to build a relationship and going for the quick bucks – but crappy products has high refund rates too so it’s really your choice!

The second ingredient to make money online

 A Sales Funnel

Observe yourself.

How many times will you need to be exposed to a same offer before you actually make a decision to buy?

Just by reflecting on this, you will get the answer – definitely not the first time.

And that’s where the sales funnel comes in.

There are many kinds of sales funnel but all of them has one goal – to get new customers and more importantly, retain old customers.

Think about your current business model, does it have a model where you will be able to keep in touch with your prospects so that you will be able to promote to them repeatedly?

If not, you need to change your marketing strategy.

The third ingredient to make money online

This is the most important ingredient of all.


If you do not have an audience to market too, even if you have the best converting sales page or landing page, nothing is going to work.

In essence, you want to be able to constantly drive traffic to your sales funnel to help you close more sales, earning you more commissions.

Traffic generation is a skill as well as an art and I will forever be a student in this category because there are just too many ways to generate traffic consistently!

However, one of my favourite methods is taught by Lee Murray in Breakfast Embed 2

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Summary of The Truth Of Making Money Online

So, if you are not making money online, you need to start taking responsibilities of your own action, reflect, and continue to learn and take massive actions!

The simple formula of making money online is really all about having the right product and having your audience go through your sales funnel to generate those sales.

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**Disclaimer : Only the pro level will get the ultimate sales funnel but free members will be able to earn too!

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