What is Attraction Marketing

I’ve heard of attraction marketing for a long time now but did not start to apply it right until about recently. And since applying it, I realise that my online business is growing steadily. So what is Attraction Marketing?

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What is Attraction Marketing?

What is Attraction Marketing

Let us start by reflecting a few questions…

Are you chasing your customers every day to join your business or are your customers chasing you to join your business every day?

Which situation will you want to position yourself in?

The answer is pretty obvious.

If you are chasing your customers every day, you need to go out to look for them. This means that when you stop chasing, you lose your customers.

When done wrongly, you will be chasing your customers… AWAY from your business and this is what most people are doing (unfortunately).

A few methods that you are driving people away from your business on Facebook
– spamming people’s chat box
– shoving links to every person who accepted your friend request
– dropping irrelevant links about your business in other people’s comments
– dropping links on people’s Facebook Fan Page

However, is the latter scenario even possible? Customers chasing you to join your business? It is really possible to do so? Well, before I learnt about attraction marketing, I did not think that it was possible. But when I witness other people’s success stories, and I start applying them, I am starting to see results.

Let us watch a short video on what Attraction Marketing is 🙂

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I hope that you have enjoyed the video above…

Here are my personal notes on the video which I hope will be of help to you 🙂

What is Attraction Marketing?

It’s a form of marketing where you attract prospects and customers to you by adding value, providing solutions, serving your target market, and creating content that addresses your target market’s top challenges!

As you can see from how attraction marketing is defined from the video, instead of shoving your links to your customers, what you will need to do is to actually find out what your target market is struggling with and help them to solve their problems!

So how do you do attraction marketing?

You need to be consistent. You need to keep doing it. You need to keep learning. You need to keep growing. You need to keep applying everything you learnt (this is where most people fail…application)

Remember, just like how Rome was not built in a day, attraction marketing takes time to show its effect. People will not be attracted to you when you share 1 useful content. Instead, you will need to be CONSISTENT…on a DAILY basis!

How to Add Value Consistently?

When you purchase a new course and you find actionable content which can help improve your business, don’t let that new course sit in the cloud or your hard disk, TAKE ACTION!

When you stumble across a good video or a good article, share it. Don’t keep it to yourself.

What you need to do to identify your target market?

You need to go out there and search for them. I share an easy way to do it in this free report.

The MAIN goal of attraction marketing…

Is not to get people to join your business from day 1.

The main goal here is to Build a relationship.

You want to get people to know, like, and trust you.

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I’ve mentioned about this point in my previous post, but it just needs to repeated – people join people. When they trust you enough, they will listen to what you have to say. They will believe in your recommendations.

One good point which was brought up in the video:

The more people that you help get what they want, your needs will eventually be taken care of, and you will have everything that you want.

So stop trying to sell people products first. Stop shoving business to people.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and video and if you find value in it, comment below and share it on your favourite social media (it helps with attraction marketing too as you provide value to your audience ;D )

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