Yoonla Review – First Payout!

I gotta kick myself in the butt for taking so long to decide to try the Yoonla platform to earn money from it and you can find out why in this Yoonla review.

Don’t be like me and join Yoonla today!

Yoonla is a CPA (cost per action) program where you will be able to earn $2 to $4 per free lead generated into the program. You will be paid once your lead confirms his/her Yoonla membership. You will earn $4 if your lead is from top tier countries, namely US, UK, New Zealand, Australia.

You will not be able to get commission if your leads are from certain countries such as India, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Pakistan. You will be paid $2 for leads from the other countries.

To join the CPA program for Yoonla, you will need to join it as a VIP member. To be a VIP member, you will need to join Get Response as well as the recommended hosting from the Yoonla site. If you have an existing Get Response, account, you will need to get a new one. That’s how the Yoonla team monetise these leads.

Should you join Yoonla? Should you be a VIP member? Find out more in this Yoonla review.

Here are a few reasons that you should join Yoonla

Yoonla Pays!

This is my earnings for my first month with Yoonla. The commissions will be calculated at the end of each month, get validated between 15th to 22nd of the next month, and be paid between 22nd to 28th. So my September commissions were validated and approved between 15th to 22nd of October and was paid out between 22nd to 28th October.

For this very reason, you can see that this is a legitimate opportunity and you will certainly get your payouts with Yoonla.

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Yoonla provides step-by-step video tutorials

With Yoonla, if you follow the steps listed down, you will be able to build a simple monetised funnel. You will have your necessary tools to start making money online – a website and an autoresponder.

You will be shown how to set up your website, install the Yoonla software which will help you get your lead capture pages built fast and integrated with the Yoonla CPA program.

You will also be shown how to use GetResponse and how to integrate it with Yoonla.

Knowing these few things will enable you to start making money fast.


You Do Not Need To Sell With Yoonla

The number one trouble most people face when they get involved with internet marketing is they do not know how to sell online. There is no reason to be embarrassed because we were never taught to sell.

Our education system aims to bring us up as professionals, not as a salesperson.

However, with Yoonla, you are offering a membership for free. And when you remove the obstacle of selling and just recommending something to a friend, this makes getting referrals into Yoonla much easier.


The Yoonla FB Community Is Helpful

The members in the Yoonla FB community is always ready to help each other out and always encouraging each other.

There are many posts where new marketers are asking for help and they are often helped by those who have success with the program. They will share their traffic sources.

**Sharing is one thing. But if they are using PPC ads, do not expect them to share their keywords with you because if everybody is going to use the same keywords, the ads budget will be soaring through the roof.


Yoonla Support is Responsive

From my personal experience, whenever I email the support team, I will get a reply within a day and usually with a solution to my problems.


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Is it all good with Yoonla?

Well, the only down side of Yoonla is this. As the program is getting more popular, the team is a little behind schedule when you “Claim Your VIP Setup”. My personal experience, I waited about 5 days before it was approved.

However, things were running smoothly since then and I have no other complains.


How I Get Referrals For Yoonla

This will be the question that you will be asking the most when you are promoting Yoonla. Do you promote the affiliate link directly? What traffic source should you use?

First of all, we need to be clear that different people will have different method which is working for them.

Some find successes with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, solo ads, Bing ads, Facebook Ads, Google PPC ads etc.

There are just so many ways to advertise online and you should go with the ones you are most comfortable with.

Personally, I do not send them directly to Yoonla.

I offer a lead magnet on my squeeze page, and I offer Yoonla as a bonus on my thank you page as well as my emails (and that is why email marketing rocks and why you need to build an email list)

Then I find cheap traffic sources and send traffic to my lead magnets. At the moment, I am still trying out a lot of methods to try to maximise my profits.

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That is all for my Yoonla review and I hope that you enjoy it.


Click Here to Join Yoonla Today!

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