You Reap What You Sow


It has been a while since I was involved with Internet Marketing as I had to devote my time to other areas of my life. However, upon returning to IM, I realized something, you reap what you sow.


Although it has been months since I last touched anything, my PayPal balance was increasing! There were monthly expenses that were automatically subtracted monthly, for example the cost of my autoresponder and upgrades at a few sites, the income generated from my previous effort i put in prior to stopping was enough to cover the expenses and earned me even more money.


This made me realized the importance of having a proper funnel and a solid plan to help build residual income and building a business model which funds itself while earning you money. All this would not have happened if I did not take the leap of wanting to spend money initially on my online business, and the amount i spent was less than $100. All I did was take the platinum upgrade of TE Profits and the Gold Upgrade at Fast Cash and Traffic, and I diligently promoted TE Profits while building my list (only upgraded members can build their own list but if you are a free member, you can follow the crash course), earn up front cash with the commissions from referral upgrades of TE Profits and Fast Cash and Traffic, re-invest them in more upgrades which made promoting it easier.


Where do you see yourself in this business one year from now? I was able to achieve that small milestone in less than a year by following a simple but proven plan. I told myself to not program hop anymore, chasing farfetched promises, stick to promoting only 1 program and there you have it, successful plan with proven results.


If you are determined to succeed, just try this:
1. Choose one program to promote. I suggest a program which can help build you your own list with your own autoresponder , such as TE Profits.
2. If you have decided on the program, for example, TE Profits, take the upgrade so you will be able to earn higher commissions. If you are using TE Profits as your funnel, take the upgrade at Fast Cash and Traffic as the upgrade is cheap but the ROI is really high!
3. Promote it diligently for at least 6 months.


If you follow the steps above, you will be surprise with the results in a few weeks or months and after 6 months, you will want to just promote one program and not program hop anymore.


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